Tuesday, June 2, 2015



We walked from the coast to this restaurant for our lunch..

getting ready....

the outside view of the restaurant

Drinking water is free of charge at mealtimes, but its cold water though.  

Blessing from the owner...... 

I really don't exactly know what are these but they are delicious... all sorts of seaweeds..

these are more familiar, kimchi,beansprouts and the fish cake

Hot and spicy braised fish ....prefect for the cold weather..  

After lunch, we went to look for these buns..... another speciality from Jeju island.... I loved the green ones.. made from some sort of herbs or seaweeds with the mungbeans filling ... yummy.  

Dropped  by the Heritage Center 

Esther building a stone prayer mound... 

On the way to our next destination.....we reached this long stretch of Sakura-trees lined road.....
many cars stopped by the roadside to absorb this magnificent view  

happy .... picked up these fallen flowers 

After taking every possible photos, selfies, welfies what else, we drove on to....

another awesome coastline.... 

its so cold yet they are still fishing down there. .. 

the effects of nature 

rock pools 

last destination for the day.... 

A Teu.... 

the statue of the traditional way that women fetch water and carry them on their back. 

such a scenic spot .. waterfall and forest- must be pretty colourful in autumn..

hundreds of hareubang for souvenirs

some of the cherry blossoms already falling off...it was such a magical sight as they drifted down. 

Bridge of Prayer and 3 Fortune Statues
the mandarin duck for marital harmony, the carp for success and turtle for long life!
You are actually doing kindness because the coins are collected for the welfare of unfortunate neighbours.

Another characteristic which I admire in the Koreans is their determination and tenacity in doing something.  Take for instance, after the waterfall, it already getting dark and that means dinner time and tonight's menu is BBQ pork.   So we drove back to the city area and try to locate the restaurant recommended.  After a few go-rounds we managed to locate the restaurant, it is in one of the back alleys behind the main road but by this time, there was no car parks available and again we go rounding a few more times. Finally they drove to another restaurant outside the city area.  We are really thankful that her parents wanted to treat us to the best BBQ pork but we were famished by now and it was definitely welcoming sight to see this..

Speciality Jeju Island BBQ pork 

fresh salad leaves to wrap the bbq meat plus the fresh garlic and chilli sauce behind. 

korean coleslaw and picked radish (green colour behind)

kimchi crabs ... we bbq it of course and it was delicious. 

the small bowl on top of the grill is the dipping sauce for the meat. 

We just sat back and relaxed while Eunice did all the cooking for us... the Korean is more expert at it anyway..hahahah

these were caught by the owner's friends and they gave it to all the customers here

and this big squid as well... how generous of him..

Thus ended  another satisfactory wonderful day

The Jeju World Cup 2002 stadium  located just nearby our hotel.

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