Monday, January 27, 2014


Thursday, January 23, 2014



Managed to capture these images last weekend and ready to get into  the festive mood to welcome Chinese New Year!

Chinese dance at Amcorp Mall

Not to be miss - strolling along Petaling street (Chinatown) to catch the festive spirit 

Every year, without fail and what is CNY without them..... huh, I mean the waxed meats:D!

So what have I baked for CNY?

Nam Yue (fermented beancurd)  biscuits (before baking)

Crispy Name yue biscuits.... promoting now for next CNY.... anyone interested?

Crunchy Almond biscuits.... both equally crunchy... one was baked longer 
(sorry lah I almost forgotten about it in the oven hahhah)

And of course, my Mamakaries ....thank you everyone for your orders! 

The glorious weather (I know its a bit chilly now)  welcomes spring and the results are these beauties- 
I say  "Fah Hoi Foo Kwai". (Flowering blossoms brings wealth)

My sister Vicky replied : "Foo Kwai Weng Wah" (Wealth brings acknowledgement of success)

The solitary "Cock Comb" plant- just sprouted  from the ground - strong willpower to survive!  

The 22 years old Jasmine plant -  

All these bouganvilleas have been with me through the bad and good all these years, but every CNY without fail they would display their glorious colours!

Not forgetting this Camelia - a souvenir from our trip to Penang... remember Vicky?

All the babies from the Mother Jasmine....

Enjoy your weekend and Be Happy! "Sin Lian Lai" -CNY coming! 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014



As this was Mr and Mrs Lee's first visit, we went for a 3days/2 nights trip up to the historical towns of  Malaysia.. Ipoh and Penang.
After a very late night, it was relaxing to sit back and enjoyed the view as the driver took us up North. Our first stop was to Kellie's Castle in Batu Gajah.   There has been much publicity and promotion about this place by the tourism board.    

Kellie's Castle was built in 1915 by William Kellie Smith. a Scot who arrived to work in Malaysia as an engineer in the 1890.  He made his fortune tin mining (Kinta Kellas Tin Dredging Company) and went back to Scotland to marry his sweetheart.  Upon return to Malaysia he started to build the castle in 1915.  Unfortunately he died at the age of 56 due to pneumonia.   His wife was so devastated and the family moved back to Scotland. (adapted from Wikipedia).       

The fusion of Scottish, Moorish and Indian architecture.  
The ruined castle has been spruced up and lets hope it will be properly maintain and upkeep too! Entrance fees is RM5.00 per pax.    

The ghostly corridors..... where you can hear the murmurs at night..

Intricate stone carvings - these can be found on most of the walls in the rooms

Playing hide and seek among the numerous rooms and finally getting a panoramic view of the surroundings from the battlement

legacy of a bygone age - room showing the elegant furnishings

Next pitstop - Ipoh Poached Chicken and Taugeh (beansprouts)  

The driver recommended this restaurant to us.... and it was good as we managed to finish a whole chicken!

You can see this shop is equally famous as can be seen from the photos adorning the walls- yes even Raymond Lam... TVB popular artist has patronised this shop!  Eunice's parents liked the chicken and taugeh!

I was surprised that the driver did not know this place... but thankfully he managed to get us there...

patiently waiting in line for..... very yummy freshly baked kaya puffs!

The railway station of Ipoh before we moved on to the ...

Ipoh Perak Caves

Finally on our way to Penang after this.. and arrived in the early evening. 
Took them to see the Snake Temple.... and they are truly fascinated by the legend of those snakes residing in the temple. 

Can you spot them?.... ie the snakes writhing and resting  on the ciku trees in the temple grounds.

We decided to check into the hotel before dinnertime. 

Very spacious and serene room ....for one person..... 

The driver recommended that we try the local fare at the Gurney Drive... too crowded and touristsy for me... and the food pretty I being short-change?

Fried Oysters 

Char Kway Teow.

my love- pickled ginger 

Walking off those calories -  

a romantic stroll by the esplanade

all handcrafted papercups ..

My motto for life  

Sunday, January 19, 2014

YAM SENG, 건배 [乾杯] (geonbae)!

A very memorable Saturday Night

Jeremy and Eunice came back for Christmas in 2012 and informed me of their wedding plans in Australia in March 2013.  We then decided to host a Chinese wedding banquet for our families, relatives and friends in Kuala Lumpur.  Once an auspicious date was chosen we looked around for the the venue straightaway. Finally found a suitable venue - there were plenty of parking spaces and the restaurant was still new.  We paid the deposit for the dinner to be held a year later!  And finally the night had arrived...... 

Eldest and youngest sisters with Bill

These pair of siblings  will definitely be feature in all future family weddings until they grow up and overtaken by another younger generation!

Sister Yoke with son and daughter. 

See.... all in the family... the future page boy and flower girl!

Pretty maids in a row....the welcoming committee!

Time for more photos before the crowds arrive...

Little YZ  can't help stealing a peek at all the pretty ladies!

My nieces and  their children! 

Time for family photo too!

Jeremy with his friends 

Our best neighbours. 

Showing off our traditional culture -  cheongsam vs  hanbok 

As usual Chinese wedding dinner does not start until past 8 p.m. and by then most of the guests have arrived and its showtime! 
The grand entrance .... the mist and welcoming applause of the guests   

Both of Chester and Chloe are experts now - they know how to walk the talk! 

Amidst the lovely strains of music of  The Wedding Song by Angus & Julia Stone..... 
the bride and groom slowly walked down the aisle...  

Once the bride and groom were seated,  the first course of the evening dinner were presented with a flair to the rousing sounds of Gangnam-Style!   

The bride had changed into her hanbok and both of them went on stage for the cake cutting ceremony- a symbol of beautiful beginning. 

The wedding toast- may their love be overflowing and everlasting. 

Let the champagne your love overflows for each other. 

All eyes glued to  the stage... 

The couple's toast - "hup foon" wine... pledge of everlasting love. 

Finally the Yam Seng....

And more Yam Seng...

So happy that Sarah was able to come back for their wedding too

woof, woof, we are the 1982 babies!

the three Generations of Chan Family!