Wednesday, June 10, 2015



Cauliflower Rice with raisins and cranberries and pine nuts.  

Recently I saw a post on Cauliflower Rice at Phong Hong Bakes.
When I relate it to Sarah, she told me that it was very popular in London when she was over there and that her friend cooked this very often.  I think its a brilliant idea to "fool"  kids to eat their veggies.

I used the food processor to cut the cauliflower or you could manually use the grater to get these tiny pieces.
There are numerous ways to cook this rice.  

Heat oil and add minced garlic and diced carrot and saute till fragrant. Add the cauliflower and on high heat, saute them till cooked (ie no more raw smell) add the raisins and cranberries and season to taste.

Dish up and sprinkle with paprika and toasted pine nuts over.  Garnish with some chopped mint (from my garden) and lemon wedges...voila.... its a  fruity "pilaff"

I chose to cook the cauliflower rice this way so that I can serve it with my Chicken curry.
The mildly spicy curry goes very well with the fruity rice!

and more veggie... these are "kow gei chai" (wolfberry leaves?)  Just stir fry them with some homemade chicken stock and add more wolfberries which are good for eye sight!

On Sunday, I watched a Singapore TV programme about the Chef's free/Off day at home. Sorry I cannot recall the name of the chef (its in mandarin) but it was a very interesting programme and he was giving tips how to cook the dishes. One of them was Sweet Potatoes Sweet Soup (tong sui).    

Tip from chef: soak the cut sweet potatoes in water to remove some of the starches before cooking.  

Boil the syrup: water, red dates, 5 slices of old ginger and 2 (I used more) pandan leaves.
Boil for at least half hour and remove the pandan leaves.  Add the sweet potatoes and DO NOT cover the pot.  Bring to a boil till  cook till tender. Lastly only add the rock sugar to taste.  
Such a simple everyday soup which we have been making but following these tips, the soup seemed to taste so much better. I loved the ginger and red dates flavour.        


  1. Hi elaine... wow..u r really good at cooking... n baking too !

    1. Hi Fakrikica,
      Thanks for reading.... not really good but try my best and cook with love for my family!

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    1. Hi Sharon,
      Anytime can cook for you... but I like your foodcourts more... prices so cheap!