Thursday, May 30, 2019



meditating in the Energy Garden with the Five Elements stone pads 

a bit cloudy early in the morning.

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We were each given a bowl of Sprouted Grains drink before we partakeed in their nutritious breakfast.

Super Bowl of  brown rice; grains and veggie; fresh papaya. steamed corn and sourdough bread

Getting ready for the Farm Walk... it's a walk YJ, not going on the scooter.

Pretty group photo before the sweat and tears!


cute fluffy rabbits but they are voracious eaters

teaching him to feed the rabbits 

walking over hills and dales...

Now what you pluck will be your lunch..

He told us this is Brazil longan - sweet flesh but thicker skin. 

getting our veggies for lunch...

Popeye has his spinach, this little "batman" pluck his kangkong.  

moh fah guo..figs 

the fig tree.

tasting raw okra.... crunchy and not slimy at all. 

there are 3 ways to cross this river.... 

crossing this shaky rickety wooden bridge or do the flying fox (swinging to the other side with the cable) (sorry no photos as they were flying too fast across hahaha) or like "chicken-heart" me- take the long way and walk around.

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Boy, were we glad to come out of the sun and sit down to this delicious lunch.
Tempura kadok leaves, a mild soto curry; Nasi kerabu; fried tempeh; fresh veggies and another veggie curry, ending with some fruit rojak.... yummilicious...

Question to ponder. 

This getaway could have been more fun if only we weren't "targeted" by the mosquitoes! Yes, there countless of them quietly landing on our bodies! We were told by the resort that this period seems to be the seasons of Mozzies!!!! Anyway, it was good to gather together,  to relax,  laugh  and enjoy some delicious detoxifying meals together.  

Wednesday, May 22, 2019



Since my sister was back from a short 2 weeks, we decided to go for a mini retreat at Titi Eco Farm. 

After an hour drive along the winding road from Hulu Langat, we arrived at Titi Old town for our lunch at the Kong Sin restaurant.  Of course, on the menu is the area's popular Puppy Duck aka braised duck with ginger.
a quick shopping for hakka kueh around the town after lunch, but most of the items were sold out. 

From the town, it was around just 10 minutes to the farm.

checking out the sleeping arrangements... we have booked the whole bungalow @ Energy Garden. There are 6 twin-beds rooms.

Basic twin beds with attached bathroom - reasonably clean as they do not use a lot of chemicals and pesticides around the farm.

this is the view from the canteen..... 

Organic coffee offered. 

there were a few toys which the kids quickly grabbed and became engrossed with them.

YZ having a good time with his grandpa..

Lots of  insta-corners!

the nursery

the canteen overlooking the green lawn and beyond that the farm..

the "young ones" having a good time 

This is a real bird nest.....we saw the bird flying in and out of it... .

And then the rain came...... such cool breeze and the sounds  

We all gathered at the canteen at 4.00pm for our tea time.  As it was raining, we were unable to go outside to gather our herbs, flowers and leaves for the tea-making. 

Ms Serena explaining the various ingredients used for making our ulam.. 

Now can you guess the different leaves for the ulam?
Daun Kadok, mint, ulam raja, pegaga, thai basil and tamarind leaves.  Centerpiece is raw papaya "spaghetti" and beside is dried roselle.   

Tea using mulberry leaves and dried starfruits and hibiscis flower.

YJ getting his first cookery lesson..... mixing the mochi with soy powder

Senior cook vs
junior masterchef. 

We all enjoyed the fresh hi-tea as can see from the empty plates! 

After tea-time we have our first yoga session.. it was held indoors as the grounds were wet after the rain besides we were "invaded" by mosquitoes!  We were informed by the farm personnel that this happens to be the mosquitoes season! Just as we were finishing off the session, we can hear the dinner gong calling us. 

Organic dinner... Fried Corn Fritters, Onion Omelette, the freshest okra-  no need for any fancy cooking, just steamed and served with dash of soy sauce; organic brown rice, stir-fry kangkong, veggie soup, braised taufoo with carrot; and steamed mini eggplants.