Monday, July 30, 2018



We were up early after a good night rest as my youngest sister Vicky had informed us that her hubby Bill will  specially be cooking a Big Breakfast for us! How wonderful.

getting to know Alvin, the cat while waiting for the girls to get ready.

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Thoughtfully prepared  and cooked with lots of love,  a very hearty BIG Breakfast!. 

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smoked salmon with Jarlsberg cheese...
fresh fruits platter -
He bought the fruits from Victoria Market and prepared them himself.

Must have a pot of fluffy scrambled eggs... 

Bill enjoying the "fruits of his labour" with us.

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He purposely bought a  Cherry Pie from the Market too for our tea-time, knowing that we will definitely spend time catching up on news with each other.....

The girls enjoying their walk with Vicky in the evening.

Sarah and Esther said they enjoyed the bonding time with their Aunty Vicky a lot. 
Thank you very much for the yummilicious meals, Vicky and Bill. 

Say "HI" to us from Sydney.... she still enjoying her sunnies ..



My sister-in-law bought these mini baked tarts shell and gave them to me.  As my sister was coming en-route back from her charity trip to Cebu, I decided to bake some cheese tarts for her.  

fresh blueberries were lightly cooked with a aqueeze of lemon juice and bit of sugar to soften them and cooled and drained well 

I only used cream cheese here instead of mixture of cheeses.  Pipe the cheese batter over the blueberries and brush top with some egg wash before baking. 

Hi- Tea Buffer @ Corus Hotel
A very appetising spread for hi-tea.  I like the spacious seating. The food was replenished often and the waiters were very attentive to quickly remove our used plates.

salad bar 

the dessert table..

the hot foods.

Mix your own rojak

more local kueh mueh 

We had a wonderful time catching up with each other. 

It was a very short week together,  more coffee time after a steaming/sauna session at Setapak area.

the LARGE steamed fish which was served at the end of meal..... the stray cats have a wonderful dinner that night too! 

farewell dinner @ Dynasty Restaurant @ C180 Cheras.

More coffee time with the pretty nieces .... 

Monday, July 23, 2018


ANZAC DAY - Holiday

Sunnies from Esther/Sarah.....goodbye Alexa, see you soon..
Always sad and hard to say goodbye... but hope to see you all again very soon.

Jeremy took us to the airport for our flight back to Melbourne.
It was a rather quiet morning as it was Anzac Day and a public holiday.  After a short 1 1/2 hour flight we landed in Melbourne.  My brother in law was at the airport to pick up our luggages as May was taking us to her friend's house for a farewell lunch for one of her surgeon from the Royal Children Hospital.  So we took the skybus back to the Southern Cross Railway Station and from there we took the train back to Melbourne Central Station.  What to see in Melbourne Central?....

The Coops Shot Tower encased within a 20-storey glass cone, designed by the Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa while the Museum is located on the second floor of Melbourne Central Station.  The entrance is through the R.M. William shop.  (see my previous post) 

We went further up and found the Little Library.  

a quiet oasis within the busy shopping mall. 

Found it...

"borrowed" this book ..the Aussie crime that shook the world.... baby killed by the dingo or was the mother who did it?.  Note: the book was returned through my sister when she came back to KL and flew back to Melbourne on 6/7/2018.

Image result for the Marionetter clock at Melbourne central
photo from internet.
The Marionette watch designed by Seiko hands from a gold chain from the second level. Every hour, the marionette display drops down from the watch with the galahs (red colour) and cockatoos (white colour)  and 2 minstrels "dancing" to the tune of Waltzing Matilda. 

Time to take our train to Hoppers Crossing,  a suburb almost 2 hours ride from Melbourne Central.  We all took a nap during the train ride.  

Enjoying a delicious lunch at May's Indonesian friend sumptuous house. A very well furnished house with its beautiful deck and flourishing garden.  
the delicious home-cooked buffet lunch especially the rendang...

 The mistress of  the house has an amazing  collection of  beautiful  T2 teapots and cups.  

Dessert time.... 

pure indulgence.... hot fried banana fritters with oreo  ice-cream and  strawberry dipped in chocolate...

and a mouth-watering peach tart to end it all 

the fried banana fritters... yummy

T2 black tea served in these beautiful T2 teacups. 

Are you ready to view the gorgeous garden.....
At the end of the meticulous lawn facing the deck  is the gazebo where he does his prayer. 

the cabbage rose succulent 

mini palms trees 

this is a real bird.
There are also pears and lemons trees along the fence. You can really sit around the deck and relax and enjoy the serenity of the garden and plus the delicious food, it was making us drowsy.! 
We finally took our leave and took the train back to Flinder's Station. Though it was only around 6 pm when we reached the city, the sky had turned dark (autumn time).  

The heritage listed Hotel Young and Jackson was just around Flinder's station, so we took the girls  to see Chloe.  I had posted about this nude painting before. 

walking along the GPO building, formerly General Post Office Melbourne. 
The streets as well as the Pub were full of people as there was a football match night.   

Dare you to enter.... public ladies toilets underground.. 
We took the train back to Mitcham station to meet my nephew and his family  for dinner at the Vietnamese Restaurant for Pho.   Nothing like a bowl of hot pho on a cold night.

and we meet up with  little Audrey today! 

Little Audrey wants to go home with us to see the cats at May's house.  They have been dropping by to feed the cats while May was away. 

Audrey enjoying the big plate of beansprouts.