Thursday, February 27, 2014



With my hands still hurting from the bite yesterday and the risk of getting it wet and infected, there is nothing much I can do.   Esther went for the IJN Marathon at Putrajaya and came home tired.
By evening  both of us were too lazy to go out for dinner.
So lucky to have this casserole of  Braised Pork Trotters which I cooked for the Chinese New Year in the fridge.

When I read the recipe from "Travelling foodies" I immediately bookmarked it and got to cook it  for the Chinese New Year season, just in case I needed to bring a dish for any gathering.   However, it has been sitting in the fridge since then and  finally I got to taste it last weekend only.   

Ingredients: Blanched pig trotters; sliced ginger and garlic, cane sugar, cinnamon and cloves, seasoning include: fermented beancurd mixed together with chinese cooking wine, light soya sauce and dark soya sauce (more for colour, which I omitted).

Saute the sliced garlic, ginger, cinnamon and cloves till fragrant

Add the blanched pig trotters and then the seasoning sauce and fry till combined. 
Add enough water to cover  the meat and the cane sugar and bring to a boil. 
Lower the heat and let simmer till pig trotters are soft.

If you intend to keep this for later consumption, just simmer for around 30 minutes.  Let it cool and keep in freezer till required.  Keeping the meat overnight help it to absorb more flavour. Bring back to simmer again till the meat are soft. 
I braised the pig trotters again for another hour before serving.  The meat is so flavourful, the skin so soft and gelatinous(?) with meat almost falling apart.
I blanched some mee sua and Chinese cabbage - foodstuffs bought for Chinese New Year- to serve with the braised pig trotters. Simply delicious.

It's the end of Chinese New Year celebration and tomorrow (1st March) is the 1st day of the 2nd lunar month.
Have a great weekend.

Monday, February 24, 2014



Don't  you be fool by these timid and harmless demeanour!

I know that my oven has been stone cold since the Chinese New Year.   Initially had planned to do some baking (otherwise nothing to blog!) but got distracted here.... these 2 lovely beauties are growing each day and I am terribly stress that one day they become pregnant.  I had been nagging  Esther to help me  catch them for spaying.  However they are scared of Esther but they like to come an rub themselves at my legs.... so no problem luring them into the cage.  
So the plan was changed... took them to the vet and this was what happened!

The white cat (Christy) went wild the minute they tried to take it out while Bonnie was so scare that she was trembling! We (myself, Esther and the assistant) tried to catch Christy but she was so quick and nimble... even to the point of climbing up the wall, brought down the grille over the ventilator fan and trying to push herself through the fan!... For a moment, I thought she would either be killed or escaped! Luckily she fell down and hid under the cupboard. Whilst all these were happening, you know what- the vet (a young Indian lady) was trying to explain to me about the charges and the bill!!! I am very disappointed with her attitude and lack of professionalism .... here we are trying to catch Christy and to calm her down and here she is seemingly  more concerned about the money!   Finally I got Christy, but not before she got her revenge on me for taking her here.....bit the hand that feed her! hahahaha!

So after getting my jab and dressing done, decided to go the Mines Shopping Mall again.... last 2 days of the book sale. Anyway, I cannot do anything much now.   

Esther enjoying her first weekend off after a very time!

Our lunch at the Cafe Sakura Kristal... Crispy Mango Chicken Rice..... not enough mango, in fact its just fried chicken with pieces of mango!

Prawn Noddles - a delicious imitation of the Sang Har Mee... loved the crispy fried wanton mee and the gravy!

Yes, more discount!  

Managed to get the paperback book "Black Heels to Tractors Wheels" by Ree Drummond- The Pioneer Woman Cooks. I loved reading her blogs... such beautiful photography and interesting and hilarious reads and recipes too!

We had a wonderful surprise.......we received a call from the clinic the next day that they had done the spaying and you ready for this..... Christy is a he! :D:D:D... cryptochid... one of his testes was inside his body... a form of birth defect.  No wonder he put up such a fight.....he must have been trying to tell me that!

Thursday, February 20, 2014



For a buffet hi tea we are definitely spoilt  with the numerous choices/dishes available.  We can to eat more to our heart's content.  The never ending buffet line tend to make us over-eat but I find the ambience around these buffer is not most conducive for relaxing as you find people walking around trying to  make up their mind "what to eat"..... at least that's what I do too (guilty).  

Mention about a tradition English tea and visions of  tranquility and elegance,  decadence and romance come to our minds. Its that hot pot of tea with its  partners - scones and/or cakes/sandwiches.  Here we are being served and this  welcome us to sit back and relax and enjoy ourselves.      

What more when the cafe is named Retro Kitchen .... how retro is it?

It is located on the 2nd floor of a shoplot in the busy area of SS2 food court and upon entering...

Plenty of nostalgic items- black vinyl records - some of my favourite movies and soundtracks.

A cupboard full of antique  irons.  I am  glad that I have my mother's iron at home, knowing how valuable it must be now, not only the monetary value but the value of those precious times... how my mother would heat up the iron and lovingly ironed all our clothing.  Later the  job to us as we grew up and that where it stop.   None of my children or my nieces had ever use this type of iron.

More records or are they just posters? - the front portion of the cafe was  partition as smoking area.

Plastic tablecloth and bottles of root beers, not sure whether these are for drinking or for the decor.

Beautiful enamelled cookingware and ceramics - how I love that the teapot!  

Looking forward to teatime!

Our selection of teas: Masala Chai, Rose Tea, Earl Grey, Rosella tea and Green Tea  with Jasmine

The tea set for 2 pax  include 2 sandwiches and 4 scones.  I felt that maybe they should have offer a piece of cake too! After all, what's tea without cake as well?.
It was definitely not Chester and Chloe cup of tea so we  ordered a fish and chips and pizza for them (for us as well..hahaha).

After finishing our tea my sister-in-law went home with the kids as it was time for their siesta.

I got my niece to take my sister and  me to The Mines Shopping Mall....

..because of this book Sale!

 The books are really cheap ... but I manage to get only 4 books, the rest were bought from MPH.

The Chinese New Year decoration are still on - Kuda-kuda on Merry-go-round!

It has been a very very long time since I visited this shopping mall... when my kids were kids- that long ago.  The mall has being upgraded and is very busy and bustling with shoppers. 

The popular boat rides around the shopping mall. 

We dropped by Sakae Sushi for our dinner before calling it a day.

Gyoza and  Ebi Ten Jyu (Deep fried prawns with rice) 

Never tired of this-  Saba Shioyaki  and my niece ordered the Curry Ka Jyu (Chicken curry rice).

Received this lovely card from my son and daughter-in-law..

with this bright and beautiful tea towel.    Next trip to Sydney I must visit this place!

Sarah's card came later this week and I truly miss her too...... as well as the cupcakes which she made last year!

That's the end of my birthday celebration this year. 

Have an enjoyable weekend. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014



As everyone busy with their own Chinese New Year celebration with family, so it was just a day after the double celebration of Valentine Day's and Chap Goh Mei that I managed to meet up with my former aerobics "kakis".

Good news was that everyone of us had "prospered" over the Chinese New Year!  But who cares, it is time for more eating today. 

I always treasure the time together with them!  We have more or less known each other for more than 10 years- the love of exercise - aerobics and yoga classes that brought us together.  I am glad that we are still able to find the time to meet up and enjoy a meal and always have a good laugh together.

Our rendezvous this time was at the Japanese Takumi Restaurant at the Grand Millennium Hotel.

 The lobby - resplendant in gold and black decor, the spectacular fountain  with the majestic chandelier.
 Well, got to take a photo of myself- after all its my birthday celebration! D:
We were led to a cozy corner near the entrance  by the friendly staff,  which was perfect for the five of us. It offered us a space for privacy and yet still can still peek over to the main dining area.

We had vouchers for their special offer  for their set lunch.  This may be  their promotion as this restaurant is fairly new in the hotel taking over from previous Japanese restaurant.

Trio of appetisers : Spinach salad with sesame dressing, Potato salad and 2 silvers of tuna(?)
Nabeyaki udon with California maki set and chawanmushi.
The generous portion of smooth udon, clear broth with the topping of kelp, fishcake and a fried prawn (ebi) was totally satisfying. The chawanmushi was soft and silken with pieces of chicken, shitake and gingko nut.

Salmon sashimi and chicken karaage (instead of Tori teriyaki as it was sold out) set
served with rice and miso soup and chawanmushi

Fresh salmon sashimi

 The staff recommended that we try saba done two ways:  saba teriyaki with mini udon, served with miso soup and chawanmushi

Saba Shioyaki (grilled with salt) with mini udon, miso soup and chawanmushi
We loved both choices! soft flaky meat grilled perfectly- yummy!.

Tempura and sushi nigiri set with miso soup and chawanmushi-

Dessert was a bit of let down as we were  served with just a scoop of vanilla ice cream.. It would be perfect ending if green tea icecream were served.
The service was good.

Chinese New Year decoration at Berjaya Times Square.

I dropped by Berjaya Times Square as I wanted to register my IDD for my phone for international calls. However there were such a long queue at the UMobile centre!  I just cannot help but compared the service given  here and at the hotel.   Both are custom services... how come one can give good, friendly and efficient service (hotel) whereas at this centre, we must be invisible because the staff here are so unfriendly and taking their own sweet time!  I left after more than 20 minutes waiting....well guess I can make use of the free apps/calls without this hassle and can save my money too!

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Instead of eating more "rich" (my read: arteries clogging, high cholesterol!)  Chinese meals, my sister Yoke decided to treat all of us to this delightful and "ching"  Japanese home-style Udon Noodles. 

Simple decor and relaxing ambience with the giant sofa in front as you wait for your table. 

The enterprising owner of the shop greeted and welcomed us warmly.   Service was efficient and our orders were taken quickly. The menu is not extensive, limiting to its signature Udon Noodles and set meals are the best offers including free flow of green tea.

 Udon is a type of thick wheat flour noodle of Japanese cuisine.   In Japan, Udon Noodles are usually served chilled in summer and hot in winter. 

Smart choice-  my nephew enjoying  his bowl of cold Udon Mee during this hot Chinese New Year spell! 

Kushiage promotion now  

Kushiage - Japanese style deep fried kebabs - chicken, seafood and seasonal vegetables.   These are skewered on bamboo and dipped in egg, flour and panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) and then deep fried. Loved these golden nuggets - crispy on outside while the meat is moist and juicy and the vegetables are just soft and sweet- wonderful.

edamame - slightly salty and warm and chicken kuishiage. 

Seasonal vegetables: pumpkin, sweet potato, mushroom, crab filament stick, eggplant and ladies fingers

Kushiage ebi-  

Signature Udon Noodles  - springy noodles served with a mildly flavoured clear broth- which is made of dashi, shoyu (soya sauce) and mirin.    We were informed that the udon noodles are handmade and supplied daily to the shop.   This is topped with spring onions, seaweed and aburaage (sweetened deep fried tofu pockets). 

Kare Udon- ... another all time favourite- Japanese curry! Very satisfying indeed. 
You can opt to have it with rice.

Address: No. 2A Jalan SL 1/12
Bandar Sungai Long,
43100 Kajang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

How about celebrating your Valentine's Day lunch/dinner here?
Happy Valentine's Day
Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, February 10, 2014



Twenty seven years ago, I held my first born son and feed him,  followed later by his sisters.
Now they are grown up and the nest is almost empty now! (as Jeremy and Sarah are presently overseas). 

So nowadays, I hold this kitten and feed her (at least I think its a her)


When they were babies,  I gave them rubber ones!

When I am old, they give me this "diamond" one! 

According to Esther, this charm resembling the pacifier is an acknowledgement of all the love and care given by the mother to the children ("how yan").  Besides the elements in the crystals are good for our health, body and of course  luck and wealth etc.   
Thanks for the lovely birthday gift!