Thursday, June 4, 2020


DAY 5 - 8/9/2019

As our wonderful trip draws to a close, it ended on a surprising note! 

Lucky girl, she won a lucky draw - got herself a pair of Vans!

Our breakfast nearby our hotel- Beef noddles - Kakkdugi  


This was so good - hot broth and noddles for a rainy morning. 

After breakfast, we took the subway to visit this F1963 Art gallery. It was quite an interesting ride, for the first time, we are not just taking a taxi, but  the subway and thereafter we had to get a shuttle bus to take us there. 

50 years ago this was a Kiswire factory 

Huge book store.

YES24 Used Bookstore

Art gallery at Factory F1963

F1963 is a grand cultural space located in an old factory of Kiswire, a Korean wire manufacturing company. The F in the name is short for ‘factory’ while 1963 represents the year Kiswire was founded. The interior space is filled with a multitude of attractions, including the famous coffee shop Terarose, YES24 Used Bookstore, the makgeolli (rice wine) bar Boksoondoga, and exhibitions. In contrast, the exterior of the building is rather simple and plain, even as to give off the remote feeling of a typical factory.

Upon entering the exhibit hall, ship propeller lying about on the floor and hears the sound of clanking metal making contact reverberating throughout.  It exhibits a recording taken in GgangGgangyi town where continuous racket produced by hammers striking and scraping off the seashells and rust on the ships that come in.  

 Lim Bongho’s When you go to Yongdusan Park is a large box installation which invites its audience inside. Upon stepping inside the installation, one not only encounters an interior that resembles a karaoke room but is also exposed to a mechanical voice reading out a list of Korean and English texts in a given rhythm. 
"Transformation set"

Resting and coffee time at the Cafe 

The factory building has been repurposed wonderfully; the factory floor was untouched, while the entrance and interior were redesigned. In keeping with the origins of the building, metal wires artfully cover the building, allowing visitors to enjoy the past and the present at the same time.

getting outside

Moving back inside again, this time for a beer..

Launched in 2017, Praha 993 bring Czech-style beer to Korea. Varieties range from pilsners (which originated in the Czech Republic) and stouts to India Pale Ales and seasonal specialties like pumpkin ale that are brewed on-site.

With this visit, our trip to Busan was brought to a close.  It has been a wonderful time to relax and enjoyed ourselves together.