Tuesday, December 27, 2016



Time to update the biggest event in the Chan Clan. 
It's two more weeks to the Big Day.   Today was the ceremonial wedding gifts exchange.  The wedding package of engaging a "tai kum cheh" (in this case a male instead) for the wedding took charge of all the rituals of the wedding including these ceremonial gifts.    

These two "daughter's wedding biscuits" were offering for the ancestors and will be left at the worship table till it turn mouldy and in which case will be well after the wedding day itself. 

 18 canisters containing dried lotus seeds, groundnuts, dried longans, red dates, sweets, lily buds (all things nice and sweet in Chinese). 9 bottles for the bride's family and 9 to be returned to the groom family, again 9 for longevity.  These will be used to boil the tea for the tea-offering ceremony on the wedding day. The bottle of sweets will be offered to those whose Chinese horoscope opposed that of the bride and groom. 

Baskets of seafood - oysters (good news), scallops, mushroom, abalone. 

2 pairs of Dragon and Phoenix candles - one for the "hair-combing ceremony" and another pair to be lit on the wedding day when the groom arrive for the bride. 

Nowadays these are plastic but I had a set of enamelware. The purpose for the new generations of babies to come.  

Love these- Deep fried glutinous riceballs with red bean fillings, so that the happy couple will be sweet and happy

Fatt Koh  and longevity noodles... that the bride bring wealth and the in-laws have long life. 

Lastly two bottles of brandy for the bride and in return 2 bottles of frizzy drinks for the groom. 

Of course, the roasted piggy...the bride's family keep the middle part and the head and tail parts are returned to the groom's family.  Normally the roasted pork were distributed to the closest family members. 

these are to be taken back to the groom's house. 

More instructions from the "tai kum gong"  

hehehe, the most important gift ... BIG ANGPOW. 

This red banner to be hand over the lintels of the door the night of the hair-combing ceremony, announcing that there is "red" ie happy occasion celebration in the house. 

Marriage registration earlier of the month..

the happy and contented bride's father. 

I was glad to be present to witness the gift exchange and was able to learn and to record some of the Chinese culture and rituals here... traditions get carry on for the next generation.

Thursday, December 22, 2016



In a blinking of an eye, she is already going to be a year old, come this Christmas.  

Sweet as honey, my little darling Alexa..  

Beautiful Unicorn Rainbow Cake made by Jeremy's friend...a rather unique decoration..  

The little ballerina....soon you will be dancing with boys.... hahaha.  

Thank you, Jeremy and Eunice for taking such good care and responsibility with love towards Alexa as she grows daily. May God be with this family always. 

That's a very good birthday wish for you

happy mom with Alexa - getting ready to participate in the Korean tradition... "Doljabi" 

What is she going to choose.... 
This is a Korean tradition for 1st birthday. The thread for healthy life, money for a rich life, stethoscope for doctor ....and 

Yes, my choice... to be a lawyer .... fight for justice and truth yay!

Wishing everyone a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


It was a day trip to Titi in Negeri Sembilan with my neighbour and some foodies.
We started off from KL around 7.30 am and  arrived at the Seremban wet market for our breakfast.

The sotong meehoon - an overrated recommendation which turned out to be rather disappointing.
The meehoon is pan fry lightly and gravy with braised pork is pour over the noodles and a few pieces (infact we counted only 3 long slivers) of brown squids top the dish.   

The fishballs noddles - 

the braised beef noodles soup -  not so much the broth or braised beef but the noodles that are the star - handmade "lo shui fun" (rat's tail noodles) chewy and springy.  

The popular biscuit shop in Titi-

caned furniture for sale as well in the shop. 

Hakka kueh make with the dark green leaves 

happy shopper always.... 

After the shopping spree, it was time for lunch at a restaurant that specialised in Hakka cuisine...

namely, the fried  Hakka Abacus balls with black fungus and the popular "puppy duck" (did not get full photo) which is braised duck with ginger in fermented beancurd sauce. However, I find that the duck was overcooked, maybe it has been braised in a big pot and dished up for individual servings whenever there is order hence it did not looked freshly cooked..  

Pig's intestine fried with pineapple... a rather acquired taste but not for me. 

It had started to rain after lunch as we made our way to this place

nursery planted with all herbal plants ..

We attended to the talk by the owner, a famous herbalist... many of his findings about the nutritional value and medical value of the plants have been published in Chinese magazines.   He told us that he was attached with the General Hospital some 40 years ago, treating patients with natural plants when the western medicine declared that there was no hope. 

Our steamboat + BBQ buffet dinner in Seremban. 

Monday, December 12, 2016



What is lifetime guarantee?
Things that will outlive you or is it the other way round?
Is there a lifetime guarantee to happiness and to health?

Up early to attend Fitness First Event @ Rendezvous Garden.

This Flow Yoga event is in conjunction of their 15th anniversary programme.  
We registered ourselves and got a goodies bag each..some discount vouchers and a free 8-day trial class at Fitness First.  

The interior of the Rendezvous Garden.... a corner bungalow house catering for events with a spacious garden in the quiet location of PJ section 17 and best of all a vast public carpark nearby..

chempedak trees outside.. 

Our morning sunrise session to get us energised..... 
and to relax us 
practising arm balance

There are few workshops scheduled for the whole day... the Better Arm balance and how to move into a backward bend and stress management  too. There were also a few pop-up stalls, ie yoga merchandise, handmade soaps, jewellery and the most popular, Amazin' Graze with their freshly baked  granola mix and healthy snacks.

Our organic lunch from Superfoods. There were 2 tea breaks (no coffee but with green tea available) with  banana muffins and carrot muffins. 

This is what I need .... a latte and sweet bananut crepes served with a dollop of ice cream!

Yes, this yoga mat promise lifetime guarantee..... 
thanks to my Sarah who bought this at the pop-up stall during  the workshop...