Tuesday, October 20, 2015



I had thought that I would take a break from my favourite hobby.  However I realised it is better to be busy rather than to let time pass by worrying. 

As a result over the past 2 weekends,  I had been baking and cooking with my daughter Sarah.

Before he return to Sydney, he took us yum cha at Tai Thong.

Black temptations......

Charcoal Buns with durian mousse.  

Farewell lunch - Chan's family potstickers and dumplings- 
Filling ingredients: minced pork, diced prawns, chopped chives, egg, salt, pepper, sesame oil 
Dough Recipe: The Steamy Kitchen. It was recommended to use hot boiling water first then the ice cold water to mix the flour. 

 I called this HongKong Fried Meehoon.  Saw this recipe from the TVB.

Blanched meehoon and then soaked it with 6 beaten eggs (season eggs with salt, pepper and a bit of sugar (which I omitted).  Preferable to use half packet meehoon (here I used the whole packet hence cannot see the eggs). This meehoon supposed to soak up the eggs, leave it for around 20 minutes     

While the meehoon is having its "egg spa", blanch the taugeh quickly in salted water and set aside to cool. 

Heat non-stick wok with just about 1 tbsp oil and add the meehoon and eggs. 
Use a paid of chopsticks to "fry" (just keeping flicking it loose ) 

training your biceps... keep frying/shaking it loose and 
soon you can see the bits and pieces of cooked eggs. 
Add the  blanched taugeh which will provide the crunchy texture as this fried meehoon will be quite dry 
Toss in some chopped spring onions and you are done! 

Since I have some remaining chili  rempah in the fridge, I cooked Sambal Ikan Bilis  to serve with the meehoon.  The sambal is not too spicy (though it looked red and fiery) because I added a can of whole tomatoes.   

freshly made chili rempah very useful keep in the fridge for any time needs

Nothing beats stress than bread-therapy.... the rhythm of kneading and the aroma when baking bread always make me happy..... especially when they come out prefect.

No knead Bread with Pinenuts and raisins (soaked in rum)  

Char Siew Buns - recipe Nasi Lemak Lover... amazing aroma when baking 
Making full use of the harvested pandan plant and also made some pandan paste as well   

Look at the texture of  bread and it was so easy to make.  

Monday, October 12, 2015



Just a note to say that I will be taking a break for the time being.
A big thank you for all your support in reading my blog.
May God bless you all.