Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Day 3

The phoenix is a mystical firebird in Chinese mythology representing good omen and longevity.  The legend is that there were 2 phoenix birds that landed in this town and decided to stay here.  This city has been constructed during the Ming and Qing Dynasties since 1704 and is more than 300 years.  

It was another long bus ride from Zhangjiajia to reach Phoenix Ancient City.   By the time we reached, it was already dark and after lunch, the guide took us to see the night scene of Phoenix Ancient City.  

handmade yogurt sold in these tiny glass jar RMB12 and these are hand-painted jars by the customers. Of course I bought one home and the yogurt is very refreshing.  I normally like to collect the milk jar back from my trips...

another interesting cafe with wishes. 

The night scene is really loud and noisy with many pubs, cafes, street vendors selling ethnic tribe handicrafts and restaurants. 

One last look back before we went back to our hotel 

After a good night sleep, we went back to see Phoenix City  and now we can clearly see the charm and lovely views of this ancient city...
Thought this type of "open pants" are out-dated, but obviously still in use....only in China? hahaha.

Hunan cuisine....chillies and more chillies..

these are kiwi fruits with pink centers ...very tasty and sweet.  

smoked/cured meat plentiful around this area...
Phoenix Ancient town  is divided into the old town with its ancient houses nestling near the Nanhua mountainside and the newer part of the town.

one of the ancient houses turned into a hotel..

Walking along the riverside.

not sure these are genuine  raw honey or something else?

reminder of the night life along the river.... 

The Toujiang River, where you can see the residents doing their laundry and men fishing at the same time...

The art installation(on left) shows a man tearing off his shirt and running to jump into the river ....the story behind is that fisherman saw a child drowning and he jumped into the river and ended up losing his life.

in the background is the Wanming Pagoda... the perfect balance of harmony ... water, mountain and people.

clinging to the mountainside  are these ancient houses supported by pillars and stilts  

Some these houses have turned into budget hotels 

always anywhere anytime for a groupie...

helping the economy of the rural people... old ladies selling these flowers rings 

The ancient wall around the East Gate... with my pretty cousin.

old flagstones path smoothed over the centuries 

Ancient East Gate

"Ancient East Gate is a scenic area located in the east side of Fenghuang Ancient Town. And it was originally called Shengheng Gate as one of the four town gate in Fenghuang Ancient Town. The East Gate Tower is close to Tuo River, built in the 54 year (1715) during the reign of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty (1616 AD-1911 AD).".......wiki
One of the doors of the Gate....

wandering around the more than 20 ancient lanes and alleys 

another hotel inside and notice the silverware hanging at the entrance. The main population here is the Miao tribe and others ethnic minority tribes and these silverwares are one of their handicrafts. 

Also this lady was singing and weaving the same time...

This shop sells top grade "jui sha" (cinnabar powder) jewellery (for feng shui benefits) and decorations. 

statues of ancient guardians..

more ethnic handicrafts ...

One of the cheap  souvenir is Ginger candy  and it is indeed tasty.. 

stinky taufoo... popular here too. 

Inside the Rainbow Bridge...plenty of art, calligraphy and souveniers. 

After lunch at our own expenses (very tasty beef noodles soup) it was time to say goodbye  Zhangjiejia. The guide took us back HighSpeed Train station and we finally arrived back in Guangzhou at night.

Our supper in Guanghzhou..... after all those spicy meals, it was time for clear fishball noodles with crispy fried fish skins..yum

Thursday, October 26, 2017



What a colourful refreshing end to a happy meal... red ruby water-chestnuts and sweet mangoes in  creamy coconut milk.
Even though we were satiated, we ordered 2 popular Thai desserts to share as a sweet ending to the meal. 

Yes we were celebrating May's belated birthday when she came back earlier this month.  The four sisters missing Vicky for the sisterly bonding. 

appetisier- minced mushrooms with basil.

Suppose to be a Herb Salad .. can't really find  a lot of herbs (was expecting lots of Thai basil at least) but more of peanuts and radishes...

Sweet Sour Tofu topped with fresh mango... the balance sweet and sour just perfect  and I ate a few more spoonfuls of rice with the sauce. 

the only mock-meat dish we ordered- Musallam curry..its too heavily spiced for my liking.  I prefer the fresh green curry instead. 

Grilled Eggplant  besides the Stir-Fried paku with sambal and another stir-fry veggie. 

Green curry with Lion head mushroom and vegetables and Tom Yam Goong with variety of mushrooms. 

Recommended to make reservations especially weekends as it can quite full. The service is friendly and fast and the dining room is spacious and you can have  decent conversations around your own table without others peering over your shoulders.   

Photographs of some of the notable vegetarians adorn the wall and the decor is bright and clean.   

More bonding time....
teaching her to make mooncake biscuits for her grandchildren....

Another teaching class...... the birthday girl learning to bake mooncakes biscuits ... no eggs therefore can take back to Melbourne...

Blue Velvet Cake for a baby shower order   

a healthy version... baked spiral curry puffs 

loving the crispy and flaky pastry 

Our cooling drinks concocted by Sarah.... Blue Pea Flower Lemonade.. the blue colour in contact with the acidic lemon juice turn purple!  

and the dogs were also trying to get out of the heat- waver recently....

they just love their bath-time with Mommy May spoiling them...