Sunday, June 14, 2015



We all have a restful night.... comfy beds and warm and cuddly in our room despite the heavy rain outside...
After our breakfast, we met up with the Jeremy and company and made our way to Nami Island.

This is the "immigration" gate to board the ferry to cross over to the island.
The island was declared as Naminara Republic on 1/3/2006 and has its own flag, stamps, anthem etc. 

On the ferry crossing from mainland to Nami Island.
The ferry crossing are frequent and took less then 10 minutes, I guess but there are so many tourists! 

approaching the island.....

Gaudi-style fountain  - the beginning of many artsy cultural things to come...

Paper waste and bottles are recycled and reuse on the island thus making it the most environmentally friendly place besides its many kids friendly activities and supporting arts and crafts.

My impression...the open nature and fresh air, immediately we slipped into relaxation mood and sense of peace and serenity, even though there are throngs of tourist/daytrippers around. 

the many attractions on the island.. 

Nami Island is a half-moon island....

the tombstone of General  Nami whom the island is named after.   
This is not his actual grave but where his body was supposed to be buried.   He was executed for treason at the age of 28. 

frolicking along the Pine trees  path ... 

Korea and Malaysia

miles and miles of greenery to sit and contemplate  

The UNICEF train runs around the island... 

so tranquil and serene 

there are many of these shelters around and they even provide books to read (in good condition too)
You can also find books placed in the toilet cubicles as well and you can write (graffti) on the walls too! 
This is a great way to promote and encourage the reading habit. 

These are gingko nuts.. 

The First Kiss Bridge.... 

Fireplace to keep warm... especially during the winter...  

Bicycles are available for rent if you don't want to walk.

steamed Red bean buns- reminded us of  lunchtime..  

Our picnic on Nami Island...lunch provided by Mrs Lee 

homemade gimbap

the freshest fruits and the tastiest "kueh"- 

lattes to warm us.... bought from the cafe

Inside the arts and crafts shop 

Happy Garden Gallery ... Exhibition by Yu Qing Cheng...
a self-taught sculptor from China.  

"waiting for the day".
The clay figures are rustic yet so life-like .. focusing on the family  

"the sisters" 
Be prepared to be awed by bold sensual expressions of the female bodies... 

Just look at the expressions of the kids... so priceless! 

Here comes the tall Metasequoia footpath...... 

location of the Korean drama Winter Sonata

Winter Sonata enacted.

Of course this is the famous path that everyone wants to have a picture taken.... 

Through the hole you can see another bizzare sculpture by Yu Qing Cheng

all the ladies now.... 

Fir/pine bonsai... 

books everywhere.... this was in front of a hotel ..

Beautiful art exhibition 

It was indeed a very pleasant trip and reluctantly we made our way back to Seoul as the sun began to set....