Sunday, May 31, 2015



I am thankful that my daughter was free on a Saturday morning to accompany me to the BIG BAD WOLF BOX SALE....happening in The Mines and the 7th Read Fair Malaysia.   

After spending around 2 hours browsing the books, finally bought a big box at RM99.90 and how many books did it filled? 

Got the Lord of Rings series ...yes thought I might as well try to read it;  the 6 Wives of Henry VIII... this is going to be  a interesting read!

Was on the lookout for Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, but was not so  lucky except these 2 ....  

Total 39 

As she has an appointment for her facial, we skipped lunch and on the way was caught in a massive traffic jam in Cheras.  Bought this Hakka Lei Chai near my house and it's only RM6.00... plenty of fresh green veggies and loved the thick hot soup... I called it my weekly detox meal..

After detox, must nourish back the body.  So I made this rejuvenating  Double Boiled Dong Quai with White Fungus, red dates and egg for all the ladies in the house.
Actually got the idea from Nasi Lemak Lover blog. I added the white fungus and red dates. Yes the egg tasted delicious.  There is no measurement as I just put in any amount I fancied... prefer more Dong Quai as I like the aroma and the bitter-sweet flavour.  I think the best time to partake this sweet soup is at night because it really give you a good sound sleep (anyway for me it is!).        

The little "old man"  tired after running after me up and down the stairs twice!    
Time to curl up with a good read now for the night. 



  1. Did you bump into Mama Kucing at the Big Bad Wolf Box Sale...

  2. Good Afternoon Sharon
    No... too many people and busy looking at the books