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When we woke up, we heard that the weather forecast was strong winds and thunderstorm later in the evening.  We were a bit worry that our  flight was in the evening would be cancelled. So after breakfast, we decided to check out early and made our way to the airport to catch an early flight back to Seoul.   However when we contacted the airport we were assured that there is no cancellation yet and they will notify if so.

It is back to nature for us then....

located at an altitude  of 500m on the Halla Mountain.
"Saryeoni" means sacred and this forest is said to have "healing effect" and there are organised eco-healing walk.    

We can breathe in the fresh air and cool temperature awaken us instantly,
  and see miles and miles of the forest reserve.
There are a few forest hiking trail around the forest.

the tall cedar and cypress tress surrounding the carpark  and verge of the  forest

tree hugging for health .... these trees emit phytoncide which is a anti-microbial organic compound. 
These prevent the growth of attacking organism and thus is consider beneficial for healing. 

Canopy of the trees...reaching towards heaven........ 

getting ready for our hike.. we took the shorter "circular trail"  path which took around half an hour.

what are you running from... there are no goblins nor witches here.....

...then pray tell me who are they... aliens?

Looking lost in Harry Potter's forest!  

I like the trail pathway, it was laid with strong ropes and it was clean and easy on the feet - not slippery, wet or muddy..
we really have a wonderful time... getting lost in this endless forest.....

or is it scene from Avatar?

Truly a delightful and exhilarating hike away from the norm, away from the chatter of the tourists and into the quietness of nature.   

When the tree die, the mushroom/fungi lives.. nature rejuvenating itself 

the beginning of spring ...tiny white flowers flitting in the wind..

Again mounds of stone... as a prayer/blessing  for someone

A  Guan Yin Temple along the way.. 

all these stone craving reminded me of Borobudur.....
  I think they tell the same story about Buddha's life 

suddenly there was a strong gust of wind and the dried leaves started dancing and rolling on the ground ... such a wonderful sight!   

It looked like the weather forecast was wrong... the sun shone brightly as we made our way to Yongduam..

whichever way I looked, I just could not take the proper photo of the dragon 

something light for our lunch.. kongnamul guk (김치 콩나물국)

kimchi... but this place small portions only 

the restaurant is popular with the soybean sprouts soup 

different versions of the soup... spicy with beef 

this is the plain one... clear broth and full of the soybeans sprouts...love it. 
They also serve us pieces of seaweeds and rice to accompany the soup...such wholesome, comforting meal..

After lunch, we went to the  Samyang Black Sand Beach.. a popular summer destination....

can see some dark clouds gathering..... 

these sands are soft and powdery and  has therapeutic effect.....

so that in summer people would flock here and pay to be buried under the hot sands!  

It is also one of the destination on the Jeju Island trail.  

Here we met a Korean lady who cycled by herself along the trail and reached here to stamp her journal! The I felt that the Korean ladies are a strong bunch, be it selling merchandise in the market, diving into the seas and hiking everywhere (yes seems to be a favourite hobby and we saw groups of these ladies later at the airport, you can differentiate them by their very colourful hiking outfits and chatter!) 

Support for their cultural history....  

this site is in the center of the city but it was empty except for us..

Did not do this since she was young!

the pre-historic houses... 

After this,  its time to depart to the airport for our flight.  Thank God our flight was only delayed by half hour.  There were a few flights cancelled due to the strong winds.  So were we on that flight "lucky"?  Its a big Yes from us, because when the plane took off, it was so shaky and was swaying and dipping up and down... it was  a very scary experience.  Thank God for His protection! Amen.

When we reached Seoul, it was late and we decided to go back to hotel ourselves as the parents have to return the rented car.    So we took the train directly back to Dongdaemun and to check into the Hotel Ibis again.  However, when we came out of the station, it was raining cats and dogs.  So finally we have a wonderful feast of Korean Instant noddles in our hotel rooms, all dry and warm!

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