Thursday, October 30, 2014



I could not believe it myself that we walked and visited the main tourist spots we wanted to see in a whole day! 

Photo: Merci Merci - Alain ( Ah Lun) - our French companion for Paris
Ponts des Arts...
We love you Alain,   thanks for your time and showing us Paris..

We have decided to take our breakfast at the hotel.   Like all Ibis Hotel, they cater for buffet continental breakfast which are really value for the money paid.    

We have our breakfast at the cafe in basement of the  hotel. If you look up, its the street level. 

Buffet continental breakfast.

plenty of these "old" posters adorning the wall.  

soft buttery Croissants .. how we love thee.... 

View outside our hotel..

We have been fore-warned of pickpockets and scams and this is how we clutched our belongings..hahaha!

Les Invalides.
or The National Residence of Invalides.   This complex of buildings was originally built as a hospital and retirement home for war veterans in the 1670 by King Louis XIV. 

As the numbers of the war veterans declined, the buildings were used for the Museum of Army,  Museum of Artillery and Military. 

The Dome des Invalides.
The dome is the ceiling of the royal chapel in the centre of the building and it contains the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte.

It is amazing to me these vast courtyards and space .... and cleanliness!
During the Revolution, the rioters took control of these canons against the Bastille.  

more military sculptures above the door

a pair of wooden door showing the sculpture of the military helmets

Linking  the Les Invalides quarter with the Eiffel Tower quarter  is the Pont Alexandre III bridge.
Do you know that there are 37 bridges in the city of Paris.

Pont Alexandre III  with the Grand Palais in the background..(green dome building).

This is the most spectacular and beautiful  bridge in Paris..

the elaborate sculptures of nymphs and cherubs in the centre of the bridge. 

and also the ornate gilt-bronze statues on top of the four pillars at the 4 ends of the bridge.
These are 56 foot tall granite pillars and they provide the counterweight for the single deck bridge.

These statues are known as the Fames (in Greek mythology Fame is Goddess of Starvation)
On the Right bank is the Fame of Science and Fame of Arts and on the left is Fame of Commerce and Industry, but whatever they represent, looking at them just take your breathe away!

 these are water taxi/coaches

 walking along  River Seine.... excitingly pointing to

 Can catch a glimpse of The Eiffel Tower ...

Opposite the river is  The La Madeleine Church
But look at the cute boat in front ... these are actual accommodation that you book for overnight stay. They have restaurant onboard too and see the rooftop... planted with grass!

This Greek temple is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to Mary Magdelene. The front pediment sculpture with Christ in the center and archangel Gabriel holding the horn announcing Judgment Day while on left is archangel Michael with the sword of justice but the focus is on Mary Magdelene who is kneeling at the foot of Christ. 

The obelisk at Place de Concorde, the largest public square in Paris. 
It was during the time of the French Revolution, that a guillotine was erected in the square and King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antionette were executed here. The Obelisk was given by the Egyptian government to France in the 19th century. 

Statue representing the town of Marseille, France.
There are 8 such statues at the 8 angles of the Place representing a French city: Brest, Rouen; Lyon, Marseille; Bordeaux, Nantes, Lille and Strasbourg. 

there are 2  fountain in Place.... fountain of Commerce and Navigation, symbolising the maritime spirit of Paris.  The statues in the fountains are tritons, nymphs, dolphins, shells etc.

On the left side, is the Hotel de Crillon, a historic (building dated 1758) luxury hotel in Paris (undergoing renovation now and schedule to open in 2015) and on the right is French Naval Ministry.  Both these similar stone buildings are separate by the street Rue Royale and behind is the Madeleine Church. 

Free water refill... beautiful water fountain..

another parc...

 The Grand Palais

serene park and open  spaces and fountains.....the Jardin des Champs Elysees garden

ornate lamp post 

the Disney store 

everyone seemed to be gaping at this model... 

We are now strolling along the famous Avenue des Champs Elysees... a 2 kilometre stretch of shopping paradise of luxury shops, sidewalks cafe and restaurants..

Suddenly there were loud music and appaulse.... What a gimmick to draw attention to the shop!
The Marriott Hotel is above this shop. 

Paul Patisseries. 

In the distance.....still long way to walk ....the Arc de Triomphe....

But let's stop and shop here first....Louis Vuitton flagship store.. 
There were no queues but inside was crowded and busy (no photographs allowed!).  

Fouguet...THE place to be seen in Paris...
 5 star hotel and restaurant serving traditional French cuisine..

See not, hear not and speak not!

..... to be continued.....