Tuesday, July 28, 2015



Another tea-time.. ... homemade brewed matcha latte, Black Sesame Mantou and Black Sesame Bun with Red Bean paste filling 

After that failed attempt, I am not giving up yet.  
As there is still another half  portion of the pre-fermented  dough in the fridge, I decided to make some buns this time.  Took my Red Bean Paste from the freezer which I had made earlier from the recipe from JustOneCookbook.com.  

I used the same method of making the dough only this time using the machine instead of manually  and after the 1st proof, was ready to shape them. I divided the dough into 65 gm each and filled them with a rounded tablespoon of the filling.  

waiting for the 2nd proof 

Ready for the oven, egg wash and sprinkle some black sesame seed on top.

soft golden buns

Going full force into a black streak now, decided to make some Black Sesame Mantou.  This is a straightforward method using pau flour.

After the 1st proof,  divided pau dough into 50 gm. Roll out into oval shape and brushed with some corn oil and then smeared on some black sesame paste (I mixed black sesame powder with icing sugar). Using a sharp knife cut strips  lengthwise but without cutting through the ends.  

Lift the dough up and lightly shake off extra black sesame powder.  

Holding both ends start to twist it into a roll and then into a bun, tucking the ends under. 

Resting the 2nd time.  Meanwhile prepare your steamer of boiling water.  

Steam for 15-18 minutes and its done!

Contentment at last.   The girls were home and we had another tea-time together.  

Monday, July 27, 2015



Since I have tasted the Black Sesame Porridge in Seoul, I wanted to duplicate it.  So I bought this Black Sesame Powder.  Among the many health benefits of taking black sesame seeds are: first and foremost, anti-aging especially graying hair and blurry vision due to rich Vitamin B and iron;  healthy skin and bones (calcium, zinc and Vitamin E); helps to lower cholestrol and reduce blood pressure etc.  Seems a lot of goodness in that small black seed.   

However over the weekend, instead of cooking the porridge, I baked this Black Sesame Bread.  Recipe was adopted from the blog of Honey Bee Sweets.    

The recipe for pre-fermented dough yielded around 200 gm and I used only one portion (100gm) for the loaf and kept the other portion in the fridge. The dough is very sticky and wet and I kneaded it for almost half hour to get to the window-pane stage (manually)

The dough is shaped and let to proof 2nd time.

After the 2nd proofing ...... see the tear on the left because I close the lid while waiting for it to rise and did not realise that the dough has almost reach the top of the tin.  It had brown and  reached the rim of the tin after 35 minutes.   Then, the only mistake I did was that I took it out too soon.  It slid out of the tin alright, but at the sight of the pale colour, I knew it was not baked through.  True enough, the bread collapsed and bent... urgh... all my efforts!!!So angry with myself that I did not want to take a photo.!!!    

While waiting for the bread to proof, I baked a Black Sesame Chiffon Cake.  

While stirring in the egg white, I realised  that I should have added 5 tablespoon of oil instead of just 3!
Anyway, too late, so just went ahead to finish combining the batter and bake! 

a quick shot of the cake out from the oven before turning it over to cool...

The texture of the cake was light and soft and does not taste dry even though 2 tablespoon less of the oil.  However I would prefer more sesame aroma, so the next time I will add more.  Thank God that this chiffon cake saved my sanity for the day!

this morning boiled this sweet herbal soup 
White fungus, dried longan, red dates and egg.  I added 2-3 slices of ginger and candied wintermelon instead of rock sugar for just a hint of sweetness.  

Friday, July 24, 2015



Warm Scones with homemade fig jam and Greek yogurt- 
Instead of an overload of calories with the whipping cream or clotted cream, Sarah used Greek yogurt to serve with the scones for a healthy version.  It was delicious... thick and creamy,   that both of us keeping eating and left behind only 2!
It was definitely a marvelous chance for me to sit and relax while someone does the baking and washing up.
Sarah said that she did not have the time to take me for Devonshire scones and tea in one of the popular cafe in Cardiff, so she baked them for me in KL now.   

She made them all by herself.... see the notty Toto waiting .......
He always likes to watch us, greedily if I may say so, whenever we are baking and at the blink of an eye he could licked up any crumbs that fall.  And we keep tripping over him  as we move around, we have to chase him out of the kitchen..   

Earlier this morning, Sarah took me for brunch at Third Wave in Nexus Bangsar.  While outside the mall was quiet, inside the cafe was a lively hum of clinking glasses, conversation and laughter.

long black  with nice latte art.

milky and strong matcha latte... according to menu, they used imported Japanese Matcha... good

Retro Scotch Eggs..... hard boiled eggs wrapped with mashed sweet potatoes and rolled with black sesame seeds before frying. Served with a mushroom barley risotto  

Gorgeous Portobello mushroom stuffed with potatoes and tomatoes served with a sunny side egg.  
the mushroom were meaty and aromatic but I would prefer a bit of sauce for the stuffing?

My sister had raved about their Tofu Cheesecake but we were both full  so we did not have any desserts.
Overall service was quick and quiet and there are various vegetarian options in the menu.

Have a wonderful weekend  folks!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015



Theme: Safari 
Venue:  Fullhouse Cafe, Cheras

My cutie grand nephew... 

the father hard at work the night before the party....

While little cousin YZ is taking the panda for a walk..

the mother got enmeshed by all the animals 

The "cow" girl hiding beneath the "leopard skin" looked longingly at her own species!

She wanted to be play with the monkey  and panda too

the buffet line... the food was a bit too salty! 

the aunties (yes they are all aunties to Lucas) all grown up now....  

the grand aunties and uncles 

My sister with her happy family ..... 

May the grace of God be with you as grow. 

Monday, July 20, 2015



Promising beautiful day.... 
Surprise! the girls were up early without me calling them, especially on  a public holiday.
Yes, we had a date since it has been a  long time we have breakfast together... let's go yum cha. 
So we left the house before 8 in the morning and saw this beautiful rainbow! 

We drove to our favourite place in Kuchai Lama and it seemed everyone had the same thought.... the restaurant was getting full! 

yummy dim sums.... these are the steamed items only. 
We grab the Lau Sar pau as soon as it arrived.... but it was a let down this time..... the buns were not hot enough and overly sweet!!!  The rest of the dim sums were still fresh and tasty and generous portions.  

for a table of  8 ... 
By the time we were leaving, the queue for tables was very long.

Do I always look so serious meh? 
My Hari Raya present from Esther.... she is collecting these "bricks-building" sets nowadays.    

After the heavy breakfast, I went home with Sarah. While she was  revising for her exams, I was just lazing around till dinner time.  

Olive Fried Rice served with a sunny-side egg.
just to prove that the jar is preserved olive, there was this whole black olive inside. 

Pan fried char siew..... as taught by Aunty.
Tender and juicy char siew....... simply simmered in its marinating sauce till caramelized
Looking forward to use the leftovers for making Char siew paus...

Wednesday, July 15, 2015



Not a very fruitful weekend unless you call clearing up old recipes files so.   But it was challenging... to throw or not.  I have this tendency to collect recipes.... "Oh look so nice, must bake/cook"   "its interesting must bake"  "must be delicious... must cook for dinner" and so forth and so the piles of paper get higher and higher.  In fact, I have quit buying anymore cookery books and magazines as well.

I am a copycat alright but sometimes weekends can get busy with  events/festivals and other happenings and the recipe go forgotten and piled up and new ones that take its place.  

It took me 3 hours to clear away for recycling what I won't be using. My motto is what you won't do within a month, you will never do it.  

By the time I finished reducing the pile, it was time for dinner.   Because  of the hazy weather Sarah was coughing and having a sinus attack.   Using one of the recipe unearthed, boil some herbal tea for her.. Pek Kei,  wolfberries, red and black dates and Sha Shen (my addition which is good for cough). This drink is recommended to relieve stress due to examination which apparently is what she is facing, hence the low immunity  I guess. 

Rummaging through my fridge and came out with a box of frozen pork fillets and a packet of enoki mushrooms. 

Use the cleaver to lightly flatten/tenderised the pork fillets.
Season with salt and black pepper. 

I am using the seaweed which Mrs. Lee gave me from Korea, which is especially use for making gimbap.  This type is thicker whilst the other lighter type is for crumbling onto soups or rice. 

I used Enoki mushroom and roll  up tightly. 

Heat up pan and drizzle with olive oil.  Pan fry the rolls on medium-low heat so that the pork is cook through. 

Dish up and set aside. 
Deglaze the pan with some white wine and add some bolognese sauce(bottled one). Bring to a boil and season to taste.   

Spoon sauce over the rolls and bon appetit!

Have a wonderful long weekend and Selamat Hari Raya.