Friday, May 13, 2022


2Days one Night staycation in Melaka

These shoes are made for walking and walking was what we did during our short vacation down to Melaka.  We took the opportunity to travel down to Melaka after paying our respects at Nilai. When we reached Melaka it was time for lunch and we had ours at the nyonya restaurant where we ordered some of the classic nyonya dishes.    

Apppetiser - Pie Tee.. 

It is the sambal belacan that brought this simple plain looking dish to a new level of spiciness and enjoyment  

tender sotong in a sweet spicy sambal 

Ngoh hiang crispy fuchok and moist juicy meat fillings 

Pong Teh 

checked-in - Double Tree Hilton - with its panoramic view 

their signature Chocolate chip cookies for check in guests.... a bit too sweet for our taste. 

cafe hopping. 

evening swim @ infinity pool 

We had our Korean dinner just opposite the hotel.  After the spicy lunch we decided to go for Miso broth base. 


jiggly steamed eggs. 

Night view 


took a morning stroll around the Jonker street area. 

the various methods of brewing a good cuppa of coffee explained. 

We came across this cafe tucked away from the crowds.  It was formerly a homestay and we have stayed here before! It is now transformed into this little cafe because the owner's love for coffee.  They have another cafe around the corned Calanthe Art Cafe, which we have visited before.   

The Roya Press.....  Collection of old printing machines.  

It was a nice short break for all of us. 

Saturday, April 16, 2022


It has been a long time my friends since I wrote anything.  

Now is the time to start writing again and to pen my own thoughts and opinions on whatever that interest me. 

Maybe its the weariness of the covid pandemic, its restrictions and  the SOP we have follow that make me so reluctant to venture out and yet there is a part of me that wanted to rebel against all these and tell myself that life got to go on regardless. There is always the pros and cons.

My days has turned into such an organised routine that I am scared that one day I will lost all sense of purpose and challenge for life and just go on and on till the day I drop.  I got scare that I may become senile earlier than expected. 

The pros of having so much time by myself  is that now I am able to study God's word more.  I have been listening to Discover The Word and Our daily Bread and I enjoy these Bible studies very much.   I want to say a Big THANK YOU for the hosts of these online Bible studies.  I encourage everyone to tune in these lessons if possible.

This year my family finally decided to make a visit to Nilai Memorial Center to pay our respects to our departed ones... my husband and my in-laws.  Today happened to be his birthday as well.  For the past 2 years of covid pandemic we were not able to go.   The latest addition this was my sister-in-law Kim who has passed away on 21/6/2021 due to covid.  It was indeed a sudden loss.  

May all the covid deceased RIP and deepest condolences to their families.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021


There are too many MCO1, MCO 2, EMCO, CMCO AND RMCO that I have actually lost count or remember them.  This trip was made during one of CMCO I think so.  After months of being couped up in the house, we decided to make this trip, still within the state of Selangor. 

We arrived after almost an hour car drive. There were plenty of parking space under shade, maybe we were early or lack of crowds due to the pandemic.

The entrance 
After all the sop we made our way inside. 

These beautiful orchids definitely lifted our moods immediately. 

The cafe 

We took our lunch at the cafe.  There were a good selection of cakes and local delicacies.  I ordered the Satay chicken chop and it was yummy.   The cafe is air-conditioned and you can look out the vast windows to see more blooms and the mini lake or is it a pond? 

lost for words at these amazing blooms. 
Besides the outdoor, there are 2 air-con showrooms (no photos allowed inside). 

We did not left empty handed.  There were small pots of orchids for sale and we bought some home.  The blooms lasted really for about a month. I have repotted them and hopefully they will show they magnificent blooms once again. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2021


24/5/2021 MONDAY

We bid farewell to a wonderful loving husband, a doting and caring father and grandfather, a humble and ever helpful brother-in-law, the most fun and best karaoke uncle and friend on 24/5/2021.

He had a relapse of his cancer condition early this year and left us peacefully on 24/5/2021.   Because of the pandemic, his son and my sisters weren't able to come back from Melbourne and they can follow the procedure virtually.


 his final journey 

He will always be remember by all of us. 

his best pal, Bill and my sister Vicky

the best dressed couple for my brother's 70th birthday party

The eulogy from my sister May sums it all:-

"Today is about embracing Seng kor's farewell. His earthly journey has concluded but the heavenly path is opened for him. 

A man of dignity and ever so proud of Yoke-ti. Wai Yee, Kit and Khuen and more importantly his love for cats and birds.  His love for our sister was solid and despite the highs and lows, Seng Kor never once complained in his last moments, he even asked Rose (the caregiver) to go and look after his wife instead of himself who was gravely ill.  

A prime example of his caring and humbleness.  Uncomplaining except for the freezing cold at Philip Island.   Loved his coffee and loved buying Tic Tac for his loving granddaughter Audrey who dearly calls him "yeh yeh" .

Farewell now and this is only a temporary goodbye.  

We miss you, Seng kor (and your curry laksa)".

May God bless his soul.