Tuesday, January 24, 2017


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Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy Chinese New Year.

Obviously the new year has not been so healthy for me ... I was admitted to the hospital for dengue fever.

You heard it so many times over, so and so got dengue fever and it was just a number or person that you have known.  You could signed and shaked your head over their sickness BUT now I know the difference after experiencing the fever firsthand.  I truly can sympathise with anyone who has been through this fever.

It was not that bad in the hospital because you will be on IV drips, so eat or not to eat is not a problem.

After your discharge, that's when the problem really materialise.   You have been advised to drink LOTS of water and rest.  But once off the IV drip,  you force yourself to drink but due to the empty stomach, you are soon vomitting everything you drink ... yes crab soup (which I did not take lah!), coconut water, 100 plus etc.   You felt so tired after the vomitting and resting is only a temporary relief (if you can rest)  because by now your own bed felt so alien.

Don't even think of eating to regain your energy. Your mouth has such a bitter metallic taste that a tiny morsel of food is likely to send you running to the toilet again.  Thank goodness, my sister May taught me a trick, suck on ice cubes to get rid of the metallic taste.

Internally, you felt so tired easily and in fact I have no choice but to cancel my pineapple tarts orders that has been placed for the Chinese New Year.  There is just no way I can handle the pace of baking these orders. Sorry to my friends for the inconvenience caused.

Slowly I began eating and drinking and fighting to go back to  my former self.

So this was my experience with the deadly fever that can kill if you cannot get it monitor right from the first 2 days of your fever.

Anyway, I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Chinese New Year again.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017



Popular trend to make this type of funny faces...

After finished baking some Chinese New Year orders on New Year day, we decided to go for our dinner.
On the way, we can't seemed to make up our mind but finally landed in the Little Korean Village in Ampang area and into the Chung Wa Dae Korean BBQ Restaurant..

So many varieties of banchan ..loving them all...

Dolsot Bibimbap.. our all time favourite... 
Kimchijjigae served with rice.  

hot plate of ground beef. 

our BBQ pork belly and chicken served with plenty of lettuce to wrap 
they are truly generous with the little plates... 
While we were eating the owners of restaurant arrived and wished everyone happy new year. 

While down under, they are sweating it out at the zoo on New Year Day

Family time. 

Monday, January 2, 2017



The culmination of the ceremony at the Register of Marriage, the ceremonial wedding gifts exchange and the hair combing ceremony in a brillant and happy wedding day itself.


very matching apparels worn during the "hair-combing ceremony.  

the table set for the hair-combing ceremony.

the father held the head while the mother cited the good wishes and "comb" the hair.  

the "4 golden flowers" of the Chan clan.. they have close bonding with each other since small. 

the arrival of the groom and little YZ became the center of attention while he was cajoled with a big angpow to open the car for the groom.

mission successfully accomplished and the groom arrived with his entourage....

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to be greeted with the bridemaids and friends..testing begin....

with a welcome cocktails of all drinks sweet, bitter, spicy and sour.  

followed by "tasty" sandwiches.

after a few more rounds of teasing and tricks, the groom finally was able to enter the house and met the father and mother-in laws. 

while the bride waited patiently upstairs.... 

Groom:  "a peek at my beautiful bride"
prayers for a happy ever lasting life together... 

Tea ceremony - my sister Vicky and Bill

happy faces

Father sending off the daughter with red umbrella to ward off bad chi  while the mother sprinkled rice for abundance 

at their new home.. 
After visiting their new house, it was time to go home and to prepare for the wedding dinner.

Wedding dinner at Oriental Banquet, PJ. 

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Cousins together.
These light deco were done by her friend..

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the dining began with the entrance of the happy couple... 

the "twins" ... 

the sisters-in-law of the Chan Clan... 

Sister of the bride and hubby 

With my brother's family and sister and hubby

The happy Chan Clan.