Monday, June 15, 2015



Another 6 months in the year 2015 and its time for a  meet up with my old friends.  With everyone busy with their work and family,  it will be a great time to take the time off to relax and enjoy ourselves. 
The venue for the meetup is very important (as some of us don't drive) so it must be stragetic near the LRT station and as its been a long to catch up with each other, hence we  must able to sit (and eat) and talk for hours.  
The long lunch promotion from 12.30pm to 4 pm at the Hotel Renaissance in Jalan Ampang seemed to fit the bill.    
I followed Sarah down  to Nu Sentral. While she went to her classes, I took the time to wander around the shopping mall....    

and again ended up buying more books..... 

We had a wonderful time together and my friend gave each of us this cute little fridge magnets!
Thank you, Grace for your kind thoughts and also for arranging the meetup.

The Long lunch was an Asian fusion mix of buffet foods eg Baked Salmon in Salt, Beef Rendang, Mushroom soup, Vegetable soup, Paus, dim sums, mini pizzas and pies and cakes and kueh.. nothing to shout about.   

Random photos of the meals which I cooked during the week.....

White-Fried Meehoon.... recipe adapted from Guai Shu Shu blog. 
I must have added too much chicken stock, so ended up with broken meehoon but the taste is delicious and clear (ching) and best of all no need to add any flavouring sauces.  

Served the meehoon with Whitebait Omelette. I added some preserved sweet radish as well and tossed in a handful of chopped spring onions towards the end of cooking....  

I am not sure whether it is because my father used to sell roasted pork and hence so we are a family of  big eaters of roasted pork or it is because the young man who sell it at the market is always so generous with extra pieces, that RM10.00 worth of roasted pork always ended up in my shopping trolley every weekend. 
My daughters and I like eating them with fried meehoon, nasi lemak, curry mee or pan mee or whatever our morning breakfast happens to be.  It is also a weekend treats for my doggies too! Yet there will still have leftovers.

So another dinner was Stir-fry Taufoo with Chives and roasted pork and stir-fry Nai pak choy.  We just ate these with no rice. 

 Of course the crown of the week was this Fruity Cauliflower Rice with my Curry Chicken.

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