Thursday, June 25, 2015


It was International Yoga Day on 21/6/2015. While there were more than 35,000 people  with Prime Minister Mr. Modi in New Delhi and where mats were rolled out along the banks of River Thames in Britain, and closer to home, at Nu Sentral, in Cheras Stadium and also Publika, in Ipoh, Penang and Malacca as well,  I was with a group of yogis up in the hills for a 2Days/1 night Yoga Retreat at Enderong Resort, Janda Baik.

Now isn't this what is needed in the world today? Acceptance of ourselves and each other and peace.

On the way uphill after leaving KL. .. surprising the road traffic was quite smooth and took us over an hour to reach our destination. 

This is the place for our yoga retreat.... 

the tall imposing Enderong House of wood and brick features blending well with natural surroundings.  

Yes, we are ready with the yoga blocks and mats !

tranquil and serene surrounding.... 

waiting for the check in registration ...

Our room for the night...

with its nice view outside..

the beautiful flora 

and fungi... 

the vast kitchen ... but no cooking is allowed and most of the food we had was catered for. 

a cosy corner to relax and watch the sunset... 

the wide expanse of jungle facing the front verandah

looking down on the jungle trek... 

some organic mixed herbal teas for sale. lemongrass, mint, stevia etc... 

When most of the yogis have arrived, its ice-breaking and getting-to-know-you time.

the first game.... solving the puzzle...

It's Minion with their Kokokrunch!

the gentlemen becoming the biscuit monsters.... trying to eat the biscuit with your face!  

It's  infectious!!!-- that soon these  gorgeous ladies were twitching their faces and mouths and blinking their eyes!    

a final  game....  
carry the rubber band with a spaghetti and tip it over the bottle. 

Well you know which group is the winner...

All groups were given 10 minutes to choreograph a dance routine to a chosen song and there were definitely some creative ideas .... .

YMCA young man..... 

Not sure what song but our friend here was giving a very provocative move.... hahaha

 Zumba performance with Ricky Martin song.

and we have Michael Jackson thriller.. 
and lastly my group... we imitated the Super Girls. ...... 
And the judges' verdict:  All groups were the winner!  It was a great time and now the time for teatime.

all the birthday girls in month of June.... and the carrot cake was wonderful. Teatime was an appetising array of swiss rolls, muffins and even  some vegetarian dumpling (zong zi) and of course coffee and tea too.   

Shortly after teatime, it was time to get ready for first yoga session... 

The yoga sessions were held at the Annexe hall right atop linked by a covered walkway to the Enderong house.   I would suggest and hope that the management could look into providing  slippers for the walk across because I can see bird's droppings on the concrete walkway.  As we were all barefooted, it certainly gave me the creeps (some bird's dropping are poisonous right or wrong?).  Of course, we can always wash our feet at the toilets located outside  before entering the hall..... erhh... not sure if most of them did that, otherwise its on your yoga mat at your own risk.....hahaha.   

It was an hour of  vinyasa yoga flow. We learnt how to breathe properly, the  ujjayi pranayama (inhalation and exhalation through the nose only) and also the Nadi Sodhana - using alternate nostril to breathe in and out.... which is the best way to calm the mind and nervous system.  Our instructor for this class was Mr. Leonard assisted by Mr. Brian.  We also learnt how to move in sequence with our breathing and some hip opening poses.  

Photo with Mr. Leonard (in black in middle second row)  after the class... 

We had some time to relax before dinnertime.

Dinnertime ... Delicious Mixed vegetables (chap chye), braised taufoo with black fungus; long beans omelette; stir fry choy sum and stir fry pak choy and fresh fruits.  

After dinner we had our night session of Yin Yoga with Mr. Chris Su. 

It was such a wonderful sharing session and it all ended with this instruction... be silent for the rest of the night ......."if your inner self is peaceful, the world become silence."  
the sky awakening ..... 

Mindfulness walking yoga and morning meditation session...

before we break off for our breakfast.... comfort food... pumpkin and mushroom porridge.
Best with a dash of organic seaweed.... in my second helping.   There were banana muffins, swiss rolls, cereals, fruits, bread and jam, coffee, tea and milo.  The food provided were really very satisfying.   

The final yoga session was Partner Yoga lead by instructor Mr. Brian.

His important instructions: practise to strengthen yourself before attempting a more difficult/advance pose. Don't push yourself too fast.

this is my view from my lying down savasana pose.... it was such a wonderous  moment... the sunlight filtering through the plants, the cool breeze, the twittering and chirping of the birds and other insects! 

after the class ended, its time we freshen up and  to finish our packing up for the trip.  

Lunchtime... Vegetables Curry,  Braised Soya bean sticks with peanuts, eggplants with long beans cooked in dark soya sauce; stir fry choy sum and stir fry baby watercress.... I loved it!  

I wish to say a BIG thank you to the organisers especially Ms June and Ms Adeline for their impecable organisation, to the teachers Mr. Chris Su, Mr. Brian and Mr. Leonard for your total dedication  in  teaching us and correcting our poses and sharing your advice and tips and to everybody, it wonderful getting to know you all and hope to see you all again in the future. 

one happy family of yogis...



  1. You had such a healthy trip to the lovely retreat. It has always been my lifelong dream to own a tall timber house amongst the nature's greens, fauna, flora and wild animals. When I saw that beautiful house you went, my jaws dropped!

    1. Good morning,
      Yes this place very beautiful and serene.... Its Enderong Resort Janda Baik...