Thursday, August 28, 2014


Good Morning everyone,

Thank God it is Friday again..

To all Malaysians have A HAPPY MERDEKA WEEKEND.

God Bless Malaysia

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


It rained in the middle of the night and we were so glad as the room was stifling since there is no air-conditioning except for a small fan. 

This is the view outside the window, nice quiet surrounding area.

I think these are old Victorian houses that have been renovated into budget hotels as this area is very close to the Paddington train station. Some of the hotels even have the dining room at the basement below.. but we were served with breakfast (which was included in the rate) in our room.... packets of  yogurt,  milk, orange juice, biscuits, cereals and a muffin each.  Anyway, it costed around GPB106 for the night!

Well, lets be positive as these morning glory proclaimed a new day...

We got up early and went for a walk around the area and May found the first hospital in her hunting trip for hospitals....

St Mary's Hospital Paddington  near the hotel was established in 1845.  
Now it is also a medical school.  Alexander Fleming who discovered Penicillin at this hospital and there is a Fleming Museum to showcase his works here. The latest  royalty who was born here is Prince George of Cambridge in 2013, the son of Prince William Duke of Cambridge.     

We checked out of the hotel and took the taxi to Diana's house which is nearby the Heathrow Airport.
After we have settled down, May, myself and Sarah took the train back to the city center while Yoke decided to stay back (her leg was giving her some pain due to the walking yesterday!) to chat with Diana as well as to do some laundry for us- which is a bonus really for staying at her house! 

We took the train to the Piccadilly Circus Station which is infact just below the Piccadilly Circus...

The Shafesbury Memorial fountain with the statue of  Eros at top at the Circus.   The word "circus"  by the way come from the Latin word for circle.  

The Piccadilly circus is at a road junction and the most recognizable buildings are those glaring neon advertisement signs opposite it

Inscription at base of the fountain. 

Some of the nearby buildings ...
Ripley's Believe it or  Not opposite  the Piccadilly Circus

The Criterion - the whole of this theatre except the box office is underground. 

the sculpture of the Four Bronze Horses of Helios,  the  young Greek god of the sun.  
There is the  Greek legend that each morning at dawn he rises from the ocean in the east and rides in his chariot pulled by 4 horses- Pyrios, Eos, Aethon and Phlegon,  through the sky to descend at night in the west.     

The Trocadero .. London's most fashionable dining rooms in the 18th century.... 
the first public restaurant to let women dine alone.  

Planet Hollywood... 

The Royal Haymarket Theatre.. 

and of course London's Double Deck Bus....
After walking around, it time for us to grab something to eat as we have bought our tickets for a show at 2.00pm.. 

Pret-A Manger .. (French: pret- a- maze) ready to eat. 

As the signboard says all the sandwiches use natural ingredients and are made on the day of purchase in the kitchen at each location.  I like their concept that food left unsold at the end of the day is collected by charities. There are cups of  hot soup and natural yogurt for sale too. Though it caters mainly for takeaways, you pay a bit extra for dining in at the cafe.    

Yes, this is it...... Broadway's longest running show ... .

in the  Her Majesty's Theatre for the 26th years with more than 10,000 performances 

the ornate ceiling of the Her Majesty's Theatre..

the tall building .... the stalls, the circles and the boxes! 
... I believe we must be at the top level ...the cheapest  seats @ GPB25 each.  

This theatre was founded in 1897 by Herbert Tree, Actor

We were allowed to take as many photos as we like before the show begin, but no photography during the performance.    That cover up package in front of the stage is the chandelier and it is make up about 6,000 beads and it weighs over one ton!.  

The finale- I felt so lucky and mesmerized by this spectacular show.
I just wished we have more time to be able to watch a few more as there are so many shows going on... War Horse, Ms Saigon, Mama Mia, Les Miserables etc.      

After the show, we walked to the Traflagar Square..

the Trafalgar Hotel

The  Nelson's Column in the centre of Trafalgar Square.  

Trafalgar Square is another public space and tourist attraction in London. The name is to  commemorate the Britain's victory over France and Spain  in the  Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.  There are 4 bronze lions at the base of the column and you can see the crowds scrambling and clambering up (yes.. that's the only way to get up on to ride those lions) for a photo. If you look properly the lions are not identical, each one of then differ from the other through their mane and face. 

The Hanh Cock on the Fourth Plinth 

Around the square there are various plinths with statues of famous admirals, doctors etc. but the fourth plinth  at the north west corner is used for specially commissioned artworks.  This electric Blue Cockerel by German sculptor Katharina Fritsch was presented to Mayor of London on 25/7/2013.

Facing north, there is the National Gallery ... lots of people  and its free entry.  

We did a quick tour as there are just too many people jostling ... maybe that's why I did not take any photos.   One minute you are admiring the art and suddenly someone come to pose right in front of the art! 

Photo: Vangle (represents sunflower)
Van Gogh's "Sunflower"   for my daughter.

The pigeons are still around in lesser numbers nowadays as there is ban to feed them now.  The square was famous for pigeons and at its peak the numbers were estimated to be 35,000 ... definitely a health hazard besides the damage to the sculpture from their droppings! 

Trafalgar Square is not only used for  celebrations ie New Year and Christmas but also for demonstration!

And we did bumped into this road demonstration in support of Gaza! 

The Glockenspiel - Swiss Clock at Leicester Square.
 This Swiss clock was given by the Switzerland Tourism in 1985.   It was demolished in 2008 to make way for the construction of a hotel on condition that it be restore upon completion.   It was formerly restored in November 2011 and has attracted thousands of tourists ever since.

And the clock struck at the hour  and the music begins together with the chiming of the 27 bells for 5 minutes.

and the 11 figurines started to come up- depicting the livelihood of Switzerland  

..... the farmers leading cows, the milking lady and the mountaineer etc

Shakespeare Memorial  Fountain - the perfect place for the playwright in Leicester as this area is considered the entertainment center.  

The large M & M's world..... chocolate-holics! 

From here we walk to Russell street and found the Great Ormand Street Hospital (GOSH) for May..

Recognise him?   Forever young... Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

JM Barrie, the author of Peter Pan story gave all his rights to the GOSH in 1929 and since then the hospital has received the royalties every time a production of the play is put on as well as the sale of Peter Pan merchandise. JM Barrie and his wife were childless and yet his love for children and supported the hospital for many years.      

the mural at the lobby/reception .. a colourful  children hospital.. 

paintings of nursery rhymes along the corridor..

It was after office hours and we would not just go in to look  at the hospital, so we left the place and time to go home.. 

Charles Dickens the novelist lived here. ....

the museum was closed however 

Victoria House Colonnade

and came across this school! ... also closed otherwise can go in for a peek.....and maybe sign up for a short course? hahahah.    

More walking and tummy growling now, so gotta to eat something. We ordered a takeaway Savoury Pancake.

When we reached home, Diana was cooking for us....they waited for us to have dinner together. Did I mentioned that both Diana and her hubby were owners of a successful Chinese  takeaway for 30 years.  They have sold the shop and are now retired.

Steamed Chicken with a yummy ginger/spring onion dipping sauce and Curry Potato and taufoo puffs. Homecooked food always taste fantastic!   And it has been a long time, Sarah did not get to eat homecooked meals!

our sleeping quarters for the stay in London..

Monday, August 25, 2014



Nothing like home..... Blackie enjoying the open space 

and the sunshine..after being caged for 2 weeks, her fur was shedding badly.. lack of vitamin D

Due to a slight infection on her wound, we have to send her to the vet and 2 more stitches were put in to make sure the skin closes properly. She was with the vet for a week and after that we took her for boarding at the pet groomer as the wound has to be kept dry and  low risk of wound getting infected again.  So finally on  Saturday  it was again to the vet to remove the stitches.  Thank God the wound heal beautifully this time but still had to wear the collar to prevent her from biting it and we decided to take her home.  She stayed in the sun for almost an hour !

And  she is also back from Cardiff....

Sarah had finished her law degree and is back in KL.  

Her first project - promoting and getting her macaroons for sale...

These are all her pretty  hard work...
Anyone interested... just drop her a line..

While she was out delivering her orders, I decided to make some myself with the recipe from Nasi Lemak Lover..... thanks for sharing your wonderful recipe....

very good reults.........
but I had a bit of problem with my icing sugar and that's why the appearance not that smooth.  Besides I did not wait to rest the macaroons before baking and really keeping my fingers crossed!.

Earlier I bought some lemons from the market so instead of the salted caramel flavour, I decided to make lemon curd. 

Lemon juice, butter, egg yolks, sugar  and lemon zest. 

 The egg yolks, sugar and lemon juice was cooked in a double boiler till thicken.  Butter was then added in the mixture and the lemon zest was added in last after mixing in the butter.   

The sourness of the lemon curd cut some of sweetness of the macaroon and its a perfect balance to me. 

Plums were also cheap at the market, 14 pieces for RM10.00.  Saw the Bake Along theme is Plum Tartlet and it looks  appetising, so decided to bake that too.     

I baked them in the muffin tray (12 ) and one ramekin. 

Recipe was easy to follow  but I find the texture dry and crumbly.  
Noticed that these are meant to be eaten with ice-cream.

Have a wonderful week.