Sunday, April 28, 2019


Happy birthday and God be with you always

complimentary cake delivery 

Her birthday always coincided with Earth Day.  This year she wanted to take a staycation, so off we go ....
Luckily for us, we could still make it for lunch before the kitchen closed.
Time to taste Chef Sam Lau Sunday Special Omakase Brunch and I finally got my satisfaction of a fine gastronomy meal.  

It was almost 2pm and we quickly placed our orders and sit back to watch the chef do  his magic.

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our sweet offering of amuse bouche  

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before the mains 

 Chef special - Market Farm to Table - Fish. 

Mini Cream of Mushroom soup with bits of rice (the black/white bits) and croutons and sourdough bread with jam and butter and a dumpling.  

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Ikan Talapia with handmade teardrops Spinach Pasta, Parmesan etc. 

The soup was so creamy and yummy.. 

Sunday Special Bistronomy Style - Nor Mi Gai- (the fusion style of the popular dim sum dish) served with a curry sauce (another twist to the curry chicken in bread as well).   
Knowing that I don't fancy fish, the girls had ordered this for me and it was really, really delicious. 

I was dumbstruck when the chef himself presented this dish to me, . not listening carefully while he explain the components of the dish... 

so let me try to remember... chicken, crispy chicken skin (this was very good) on top of an egg,  beneath the veggie is steamed glutinous rice and curry sauce.

Dessert - mango sorbet, turnip honey.

the finale - gula melaka boba with carrot cake, coconut ice cream and wafer with milk tea (foam). 

As you can see one very happy customer... hahaha
Thanks Esther for a wonderful lunch...

Deluxe twins @ Weil Hotel - thanks Sarah for your treat! 

getting ready for a good hot bath soak  

while they went swimming at the rooftop infinity pool..