Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Just came back to work after a week long leave, no I did not go anywhere except to my sister's house daily.
My routine for the past week started with an early wake up call at 5.00 am. and I would leave my house around 6.30 am. By 7.00 am. we were already in the 1st round of making the pineapple tarts while most people are just  waking up and getting ready for work!  This went on till almost after 5.00 in the evening and by then we were all sweaty, hot and dead tired. It  is back breaking hard work and I truly appreciate all those who bake and sell cookies for the festive season! I could and would  not bargain the price with them.

Well, a big thank you to the faithful support of all our customers, the tarts did well, not only in terms of quantity but also quality!  We only managed to burn 2 trays of it, hahaha. 

It was also a time to catch up on the latest gossip and news as we worked.  This year, my brother-in-law who had retired from his curry laksa stall,  was the chief painter- egg-washed all the tarts beautifully! He not only enlighten the atmosphere with his jokes and gossip (who says men don't gossip?) but also helped to buy our lunches! Seng, you deserve a round of applause from us! 

There were some happy news and sad news in just a week.  Sad to hear of the death of little William Yau, the death of one of  our former neighbours  and the misery that our cousin went through with a loan shark.   We were happy with the news that our nephew Mathew is alright and does not need any medical surgery for the time being and also elated with our winnings (very nominal amount as we are NOT avid gamblers but rather the hit and run type!). It is the winning and feel good thrill that counts.      

So, you would think that's end of the rush and stress?  No the Chinese New Year rush starts now. We all have just a week to get our new clothes, our hair done and the house spick and span in time to welcome the new year. Not forgetting the food- the marketing and cracking our head what to cook for the Reunion Dinner as well as the 2nd day of the CNY. 

In addition to the pineapple tarts, there are so many cookies for the new year that I wanted to make.   I managed to make some Nam Yue (Fermented Beancurd) Biscuits as well.  This is more a savoury-type cookie.

Recipe taken from Flavours Magazine except that I omitted the chopped walnuts.

These are great with a cup of coffee and not too sweet.  

I am glad that during that week, my Sarah was a great help around the house and feeding the doggies too!
She surprised me one night by cooking this dinner for me.

Poached eggs,  ham and toast with her own hand-whipped Hollandaise sauce!
What a lovely thought!
Glad that she has taken the initiative to learn to cook now.
Who knows she may become the future chef for our pineapple tarts?



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