Sunday, February 17, 2013


Though times throughout these years may have been difficult, sad, frustrating,  happy, joyous and blissful yet through it all, You have been with me and I thank you Lord for each of them.
My birthday come after Valentine Day and I don't know whether it is good or bad. Good because the price of roses could have been cheaper  and bad maybe  because all the roses have been sold.  Good that there is no need to go for expensive meals and bad because the money  has already been spent the day before.

Lunch with my boss- trying to catch up with him (in years, I mean!). We went for the famous Sang Har Mee.  

I had told my daughters that instead of giving me presents, I would prefer them to spend time with me. 
I had always wanted to go for a show at the Istana Budaya.  My chance came when I came upon this show Affinity with Nanyang for only 2 shows on 15/2/2013 and 16/2/2013.     

This is a inter-nation dance performance jointly organised by Yayasan Guan Yin, Chinese Folk Grade Test Center and Chinese Folk Dance Cultural Dance and Arts Center.  It involved two hundred children selected from the finalist of China CCTV program "The World of Dance". On stage were also children from Malaysia.     
This beautiful cat relaxing on the well kept grounds of Istana Budaya.

The Istana Budaya- Palace of Culture is the center for all types of theatre including musical theatre, operetta classical concert and opera from local and international performance. 

You can see the different levels here; the serambi (lobby and foyer below) and the rumah ibu (auditorium) 

 One of the beautiful handcrafted doors with the traditional Malay motifs and keris.

The opulent wall carpet and lighting!

No photography was allowed during the show.  There were folk dances showing the different culture of Chinese Muslim as well as minor ethic groups of China.  These children definitely put up a very energetic and well choreography performance - altogether a very entertaining show except at the end of the night, I had the feeling that I had just been to a  school concert instead of a stage performance as there were no background scenes to create that fantasy of dance!  
The finale 

As we did not take our dinner before the show, we decided to go for some light supper at The Coffee Berry at Taman Taynton on the way home.

A very popular cafe - the prices of beers are cheap here hence the crowds.  It is also family friendly with their wide range of hawker foods available. Service is fast and good too.  
Thank you for spending time with me, Sarah and Esther. Looking forward to more shows!