Monday, February 25, 2013


The party was Berjaya Founder's Day held on 23/2/2013 at the Berjaya Times Square. 
The man - Tan Sri Vincent Tan himself!.
With the tag-line this year - Reach Out! Building communities, Enriching lives, he has given to 74 charities totalling  RM20.2 million.  What an inspiration and what generosity!.  I am truly touched and awed when he said philanthropy is his duty! I am so happy that there are 8 animals care organisations that receive the funds- among them the Furry Friends Farm and Animalcare.  This is such good news as most of these groups do not have the monetary support from the government and here we have this man who is concern about the animal causes as well!  This is double good news as recently the new proposed Animal Welfare Bill will be tabled  in the Parliament soon.  It is time that the Government look  more into animals abuse and cruelty. 


The specially designed 130 foot long Chocolate Dragon Birthday Cake in the central concourse- heavily guarded....!

As 180 kg of Belgian chocolate used! After the Happy Birthday Song was sung - surprise! by Andy Lau - there were distribution of cake for everyone!

Got a piece to try and it is soft and very chocolately!

I was like a mad woman rushing up and down the escalator,  following the group of people, trying to get some good photos. It was very frustrating as I only managed to snap the side profile or the back or being blocked by the media, photographers or bodyguards hovering around him.  Maybe  my photography is hopeless as I was not getting clear pictures so in the end I gave up.

But this morning saw this photo in The Sun and there I was - in the red t-shirt next to the guard in white shirt with the black tie! Happy at last!

The carnival on the ground floor  mainly catered  for the staff as they were given vouchers to redeem/get  the goodies. So I went upstairs to look for Dr. Chan of Animalcare and the Furry Friends booths.

There were face-painting
 It is Paw-issble- to prevent cruelty to animals and to find homes for the strays!

Dr.Chan Kah Yein of Animalcare. There were merchandise for sale- t-shirts and keychains at her booths. All these for the funds that are used to sponsor spaying, neutering, medical/vet bills for the rescued dogs and cats. Her books are available for free distribution as well. Please read her blog at

Since Sabarina Yeap has passed away, the management of the Furry Friends Farms is now in the good hands of Cik Myza Nordin and a group of dedicated volunteers.Thank you Tan Sri Vincent Tan - the furry kids will have a better life! By the way, the FFF will be having their Open Day on 3/3/2013- check it out at their facebook.

I was pleasantly surprised to meet my classmate. Ms Pearl Thor General Manager of Kasih Hospice Care Society. While we were catching up, Tan Sri came along with his entourage and I am elated to shake his hands as well as finally able  to take a good picture of him.    

 Ms Pearl Thor briefing Tan Sri on works of Kasih Hospice.

Their website:

The crowds at the concourse- plenty of food and goodies
The crowds at the 10th floor- plenty of games and fun here.

Through the joy and laughter of the staffs, you know that it is one "big happy family working together"!

May God bless you with many more Happy Birthdays!

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