Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Another new year with my doggies,

What a BIG happy smile, Phow-Phow. Yes, Ju-Ju you look very handsome indeed.

Meanwhile "King Toto" has sat on his throne in his "new clothes"!
"Don't I look regal and handsome in cheong sam this year?"

My favourite new year cookies! This is my private hoard.

From left: Peanut puff, our own pineapple tarts, candied fruits, 
kueh bangkit (from Tong Kee) and my own mamakaries.

We took  some photographs in the garden before making a move to my brother's house for the 1st day family gathering.


 With cutie Chloe.

It was a pleasant surprise for everyone when Uncle Peter gave out angpows this year! His wild boars must have been behaving very well!

Red, red and more red 

After a simple lunch cooked by Aunty with the help of her son: Nasi Kunyit, Curry Chicken;  Fried Meehoon, Fried Chicken and vegetarian dish, it was time for the obligatory family photograph session. This tradition started with my father first bought camera- the type where we had to replace the flash bulb after each shot! However these photos are really gems as we can see how the family grow each year.

Here's the line-up of each family:-

Two of my sisters and brother, nephews and my son would not come back from Australia for the Chinese New Year and one brother is MIA.

My niece with hubby and baby YZ.
 It's the phones vs cameras


From the Chan Sisters!
"I need my beauty sleep now, don't make so much noise" 
He is such a good boy- can really sleep through all the noise and din.

The photography session was quickly over as all were eager to move to the next itinery of  the day...

Yes, this is what everyone was waiting for- fatt lah!
This is not the only table, each of the bedrooms upstairs were occupied with a mahjong table!

My sister-in-law serving her home brewed coffee  later that night - 
a much needed boost for the "gamblers" 

What a great ending for the day! Bet some cannot sleep that night - because of the caffeine or because of the losses?

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