Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Just as everybody is busy getting ready for the Chinese New Year, we heard the news from Guangzhou that our dear cousin Mr. Lee Chong Seng has passed away over the weekend.  

The only rose among the thorns! 

All of us were rather shocked at the sudden news.  In fact, we have met up with him last year in May. No doubt about it that he had aged, but he did not looked sickly at all.

He was the learned one in the family over in China and he was the keeper of our family history too. He used to give speeches to the various organisations in China and I think he must have been quite well known among the Chinese society around Toi San.  And he was the only one who know English back then and I remember how my youngest sister Vicky  corresponded with him(very neat handwriting, I recalled). So,  Vicky don't feel too sad.  After a life of toiling, he can rest in peace now.    

God bless his soul. RIP

As Chinese New Year is just around the corner, I will be busy with making the pineapple tarts with my sisters the following week. 

So wishing everyone a very HEALTHY, PROSPEROUS CHINESE NEW YEAR!

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