Tuesday, February 26, 2013


IT HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! Thoroughly unexpected and pleasantly surprised!

 Do parents have to get an invitation card before they can attend the wedding ceremony of their offspring? Just pulling your legs, Jeremy.   However, I take it that since they are arranging everything themselves over in Australia, probably it is etiquette to send me the card so that I am fully aware of  the details and especially what to wear!   

Certainly what people called "Chin Lei Yan Yuen" (literally thousand miles love ).

Eunice came to Sydney from Korea to finish her studies and Jeremy, after graduation had  stayed on  to work in Melbourne.  They met each other through mutual friends and love blossomed. 

They have planned to have the wedding ceremony on  the boat out in Darling Habour, Sydney on 16/3/2012.  So, I am packing my bags and leaving for Melbourne on 10/3/2013  and then together with my sister May, we will fly over to Sydney to witness the ceremony. I am looking forward to this trip, firstly his wedding, secondly haven't seen my sisters and brother in Australia for a long time and lastly,  hopefully can 
enjoy the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival!

Is it a coincidence that I try making  kimchi last night?
I saw this very easy recipe on the blog of Mr. David Lebovitz
I mean this will be my first attempt and a simple recipe is just what I needed.
Bought one  whole cabbage from market at only RM2.60 (this was after the Chinese New Year) But I used only half of it. Washed, sliced and salted overnight.    

 Most of the ingredients that he listed, I have them except the Korean chili powder! So I  improvised and used local chili powder plus chili flakes.

Mix all together and the colour is not so vibrant and tantalising!

Now I have to wait for 4 days before I can taste it. Meanwhile, I will have to look for the Korean chili powder and anchovy sauce and other ingredients to make the authentic Korean Kimchi, after all I am welcoming  a Korean to my family!.