Wednesday, February 6, 2013


My daughters always have been following me for shopping for the Chinese New Year goodies every year and it is always a good time to bond together after the week of hardly seeing each other. They would decide on the choice of drinks to get for those visiting us and food to cook for the Reunion dinner.  It is always a good and happy outing.

Before we went to the supermarket,  we had our dinner at the Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles House at Bandar Mahkota.   I find the soup a bit too milky (evaporated milk obviously!) and the fried fish pieces too dry and hard! Normally, we would go to a shop further down along the same row- KINGFISHER FISH HEAD NOODLES.  Their soup is fragrant with chinese wine  and not too milky and the fish pieces are fried just golden outside while the flesh is still tender.  

I managed to find my CNY clothing at last! Yes, must have at least a new dress for the new year otherwise it  would not be new year right?

This is a tradition that my mother had instilled in me.  When we were young, no matter how difficult the times were, my mother would sewed  for each us new pyjamas! Can still remember how she  and my eldest sister could rushed to finish them on Chinese New Year eve!   We may not each get a new dress but we always get a new pair of pyjamas (blouse and trouser type) each year.   Well you see back then, it is school uniform for the day and come evening time it was the pyjamas, whether to bed or to go downstairs to play.
Coming back to the new clothing, I find that I have "fatt fook lor!" - my goodness, from size 36 I now graduated to size 38-40. Blame the age, blame the knees pain, blame the good food around, blame the lack of time- plenty excuses.  All come down to myself to blame! So that will be my new year resolution - exercise more!  

Hopefully, our pockets will "fatt fook" (prosper) throughout this year!.

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