Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It was "people" birthday  (Cantonese "yan yat") on the 7th day of the Chinese New Year.

Some of Sarah's friends visited us that day.  So I went to the market to get some foodstuff and saw this pre-packed Yee Sang for sale at RM23.00 only.

However the lady told me that I would have to add the radish and other fresh vegetables and of course the fish as these are not included. I immediately planned to make a FRUITY YEE SANG- something suitable for the young adults. Besides I was not able to get fresh fish at this market at this last hour for the Yee Sang!.

Luckily I managed to get a green papaya. Preparing the green papaya as the base for the Yee Sang.
Shredded green papaya, lightly salted to draw out the juices and drain well.  Use a clean dry towel to squeeze out the water as well. I also added some julienned Chinese pear and pomelo which was given my neighbour. I did not managed to get a  photo as I left it to them to put the dish together themselves (more fun this way) but it was all finished and Sarah told me it was very tasty and refreshing. 

I also baked them some Chocolate Brownies besides cooking a pot of Red Bean and Pulut Hitam sweet soups (tong sui) for desserts.
The main course was my Fried Vegetarian Meehoon.

After giving out the angpows, I left them alone and went to my sister Jennifer's house for the rest of the day.
She had cooked us a delectable dinner for all of us.

As with the tradition set by our late father, there was a hugh pot of Sang Yu Chok - Fish Porridge for the day. Slices of crap fish marinated with soya sauce, sesame oil and pepper before the plain porridge were being ladled onto them. Served with condiments of garlic oil, julienned ginger, spring onions and coriander.

Every year my siblings and myself would gave each other presents/gifts for the Chinese New Year. This had become some sort of the norm and we sort of know what to expect from each other.  We would expect to receive a packet of  Mee Suah from my sister Yoke; from my sister-in-laws Evon a tin of Love Letters; Serena a packet of Muruku and from myself a tin of Peanut Puffs (bought not made by me) (sorry, next year it will be something else as I was informed that this year they are not so nice).     

She was the first one among us to cook this Mee Suah- with cabbage, mushroom and minced pork. This simple style was very tasty and delicious. Truly oddles of noddles for longevity on this auspicious day.

Her reknown dish of BRAISED PIG TROTTERS WITH CHILIES AND GARLIC. Tender meat doused  in the sweet/sourish/spicy sauce. 
Blanched greens - very welcomed after all the meats besides  the Vegetarian dish with fermented bean paste below.

Roasted Duck - bought.  

 Again a great day together with family and friends.