Wednesday, February 27, 2013



It's a once a year affair again - Chinese New Year lunch with my office colleagues at the KLGCC.

The Chinese Restuarant- China Treasures
Prosperity Menu set.

Yee Sang with Norwegian Salmon

For better health and  better bonuses and increments

As one of my colleague is a vegetarian, the salmon were served separately.

Sharkfin soup - a bit cold hence feeling a bit starchy!  

Prawns with Rice crispy.

Steamed Chicken -mediocre- taste the abalone broth!. 

Nai Pak choy with prawns and slices of abalone (overcooked as a result chewy).

Steamed Cod Fish with crispy garlic! Expensive but not necessarily fresh as these fish are mainly frozen..

Too soon, Fried Rice with Pumpkin and seafood was served signifying the end of the meal. This was delicious.

We waited for almost half hour for the dessert to be served.   This is Chilled White Fungus with Aloe Vera tong sui. (can't understand the delay as this was a cold dessert)

Nian Gao - one pan fried in batter and other steamed and served with grated coconut. Both equally good.

I guess eating out during the Chinese New Year season, you will be bound to encounter high price hike, unreasonably delay service  and not the freshest ingredients!.

The only highlight of the day was that we worked only less than half the day as we reached the office around 4.00pm.

Thus ended the Chinese New Year season.


  1. I like cod fish, but that fish can only eat once in a very blue moon as very expensive...

    1. Agree, it is expensive as its imported. But then again, better to eat fresh local fish!