Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Sarah had requested for a Rainbow Cake for her 21st Birthday which I was unable to do so for that day.
However, I did baked her one last weekend.
She even design her invitation card with a rainbow.

The Rainbow cake which I baked has only 6 coloured layers.   This cake was made up of  6 layers of Vanilla Sponge (using melted butter instead of corn oil). 
One batch of sponge mixture was divided into half- first was orange colour

together with the yellow colour.  I used the liquid food colour.

Another batch of sponge mixutre - for green colour
together with the purple
The last batch of sponge mixture for the red layer
together with the blue layer. 

Make sure all the layers are cooled before assemblying them.
Sarah likes Nutella spread, so I decided to add some nutella into the whipped cream and used that as a filling between the layers.

Stacking them up - the colour were not evenly distributed, but they do give a pretty marbled effect.

Finally all the layers were stacked up without any sticks inserted to stabilise the cake. Maybe the layers were thin.

Next, a crumb coat of icing were applied to the top and side.

For such a colourful cake, its best to leave the decoration simple- just a few sprinkles.
But we could not help ourselves and decided to add a rainbow on top of the cake.
Cross section of the cake - vibrant colours look great.

It not only looked good, it taste good too especially the nutella cream filling and the soft sponge layers.
Here again a belated birthday wish for you, Sarah dearest.

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