Wednesday, May 2, 2012


"When I was small and Christmas trees were tall. do
Don't ask me why but time has passed us by......"

The song- First of May by the Bees Gees.

The pair of young man and lady playing live music at the Kaki Corner, Taman Berlian were not sure o the lyrics but he did give a good performance at our request.

We were having dinner at the Kaki Corner to celebrate my brother's birthday on 30th April. This song was dedicated to him of our times growing up together and it was 1/5 the following day. 

This brother of mine is entering the 50's club.  We can recall how naughty he was when he was young.  He is the one with the most broken arm and leg.  The most vivid incident I can recall was when he broke his arm trying to jump from one pillar to another.  My father took him to see a Chinese sinseh and how he screamed in pain when the sinseh twisted the arm back in place...gosh how painful it must have been and agonising for me too who was waiting outside.

This cafe has been established since the 1999 when western-style foods became the "in" dining experience.  It still has a large crowd of followers todate - mainly family-oriented.  The prices are reasonable and the seatings are spacious.There is also alfreso dining outside. 

My order of Fried Chicken Maryland.  I was a bit disappointed that the fried bananas and corn cob which are the accompaniments to this dish was missing. The chicken was also served with a sauce (taste like black pepper?).  

Overall the food here are tasty, portions are big and the staff are efficient and service is fast.

Everyone was satisfied with the food.  We sat back and enjoyed the music.

Finally the "Happy Birthday" song  was sang for him by the duet and us of course.

May God be with you always.


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  1. Errrmm....

    I went there kaki corner, food damn lousy dy... but my friends pull me to the western restaurant beside kaki corner, name Sweeds...

    I am impress with their Homemade Sauce call White Sauce... Wow...not bad not bad...

    I think you may try it some other day...