Monday, May 21, 2012


Went for the Bake with Kuali Workshop on 19/5/2012 at the Malaysia Institute of Baking in Petaling Jaya, New Town.  Kuali had started these workshops last year and I was unable to register for any of them due to the huge response.  So I was surprised to note that there were a few places left for the workshop last Saturday.  So registered myself and went along to get some fun.

We worked in groups of 4 and were assisted by one of the full-time diploma student.

Before the worskhop start, we were given a briefing on the history of  Malaysia Institute of Baking by none other the man behind the success of the institute- Mr. Don Yong himself.  This institute started off as a bakery by his parents and they are in the 25 years now.  He gives us a whole lot of tips how to make a good loaf of bread.  

For this workshop, we are making Panettone, Florentine Madeline ad Gluten free Cinnamon Walnut Muffin.
We started on the Panettone first as this needed time to proof.  We used the Sponge and Dough process for making this bread.
The sponge which has been prepared by MIB beforehand.
This is then added to the dough and mixed together till its soft and pliable.
Showing us the window-pane test- when the gluten in the dough is fully developed.

The dried fruits are then added and the dough is shaped into ball and left to rest till double in size.
Then it is shaped into rounds and put in the liners to proof again.

Meanwhile we proceeded with the next recipe - Florentine Madeline.

While the Florentine Madeline is baking in the oven, we made the Gluten Free Muffin- gluten free- no wheat flour was used, instead we used chickpea flour, dhall flour, pregelatinised starch ("gor fun" ie cooked flour") (yes this is the secret ingredient used) 

good looking madelines - waiting for the florentine topping. 

Meanwhile the panettone has been proofed and now ready for baking.

Adding some final touches - using a pair of scissors to cut some patterns on top

These are then brushed with egg wash and send for baking.

The pastry chef cooking the florentine topping- lots of butter and lots of sugar and cream and glucose syrup till it reaches 108C

Then dried fruits and nuts are added before the topping is put onto the madeline.

The result - pretty and colourful Florentine Madelines

 These are the Gluten free muffins.


The "high-rise" panettone- very soft and fluffy.

There were also some refreshments for us - "pizza bread" with coffee and tea prepared by his students.

Before the workshop ended, there was a final recap and a mini quiz on what we have learnt.  Winners got an autographed book from Mr. Don Yong himself.
Had a very enjoyable time and thoroughly motivated indeed.

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