Monday, May 14, 2012


My weekend  celebrating Mother's Day was spent developing my muscles! Yes, whipping egg whites for the cakes that I baked over the weekend and most of them given as gifts for those wonderful mothers around me.

This Ginseng tea from Esther.

On Saturday, I baked these for my neighbours:-

1. A classic Butter cake - recipe from Ms Sonia -The Nasi Lemak Lover. This was given to Uncle Michael. This cake is really a keeper. Thank you.

2.  using the same recipe, added some dried apricot - Apricot Cupcakes- given to my neighbours

 3. Flaxseed Mantou- recipe taken from Wendy- Table for 2. Thank you.

4. Last but not least Steamed Egg Custard for myself and Sarah. 

On Sunday morning, I cooked this for my girls instead of them cooking me breakfast:-

Porridge with sweet potatoes.

Served with condiments of "Lup Lup"

Tempeh, Ikan Bilis and green chilies in dark soya sauce
Fried Salted "Cooked" fish.

I realised that throughout the years, I have tried baking numerous cakes except a Chiffon cake. So today pluck up courage and try it at least once.

I followed the recipe from Elinluv's Sweet Delight - Orange Chiffon Cake.  I am so glad that I did as you can see from the results here. The cake rose beautifully and smelled great.
However, I was too impatient to unmould the cake, hence the torn sides.

But the texture is alright and so is the taste.

I also made some Baked BBQ Pork Buns- recipe from Ms. Agnes Chang.

My niece,Wei Yan sms me: "Ku ma, your paus look very fake cause its so shiny and smooth But its very delicious yum yum".
What's more for me to say- yes I will be making these again sure.

Lastly, the creme caramel are still chilling the fridge for tonight's dessert.
It had been a great weekend.


  1. You are very kind to rescue the dogs and they are blessed to find a good home. So many yummy food to feast the eyes here.

    1. Thank you! They are a blessing to me too- got me to exercise more with them (which is what I need)!