Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We are family

Anyone working for the same company in the past 30 years? Is the company so "employee -friendly" that warrants such  loyalty and dedication? Maybe.
The new generation nowadays would seldom work for the same company for such long time- hey that's almost half of our working life!
By the time I was with the present company for  13 years, I entered and  won a contest for Secretary Day  - "How long you been working for the same boss".   I won the 3rd prize and you can imagine how long the first prize winner has been with her boss.   The prize was a lunch at the Hotel Hilton together with the show for Secretary Day.  My boss did not accompanied me- I went alone yet till today I am still working for him?!
Most of the staff  has grown "up"  with this company - even the bosses themselves are  getting on.  We are like a big family as the bosses always seems to say. We see the bosses' and our own children growing up, graduating and started working  too. Some have already got married and have became parents themselves! 

Last Sunday, one of  our "family" members-  Abdul Razak's daughter got married and the "big family" turned out for the happy occasion.

We seldom see him dressed so handsomely!

Its is gotong-royong - his neighbours chipping in to help with the cooking

Big cauldrons of Ayam Masak Merah- this is hot, spicy and delicious.
The food were definitely very much tastier  than usual stuffs offered by the catering business.

 The "thank you" gift - recycled paper basket.
Tasty tidbits

 There is Nasi Briyani, Ayam Masak Merah (very spicy and  tasty); beef in dark soya sauce (also very delicious); mixed vegetarian dish; long beans; chutney and oranges of course.

Here comes the bride and groom - for the bersanding.

These cute little sweeties accompanying the bride...

The rousing kompang group
 Some of the "family members".

Some of the staff had already left us for greener pastures and motherhood.
  These were some of the interesting food presentation set up at the table for the bride and the groom.

Lastly before we leave, we went foward to give our blessing to the happy couple.

May they be happy always. God Bless.


  1. This is a wondeful post! I like to eat Ayam masak merah, yummy. I always admire how pretty the food presentation for the couples, they always look so beautiful .

    1. You are right, they really do take a lot of trouble on the food presentation.