Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Easy and readily available ingredients, quick to make, low budget and definitely good tasting and totally satifying the hunger pangs.

Below are  my version of fast foods. These have been prepared the last 3 weekends.

Jeremy bought back 2 packets of English muffins on his holidays back home during the Easter holidays.
Our schedules were so packed during his holidays that we had no time to partake these muffins.
Now since he had gone back to Australia and that everything has settled back to the routine, I had the time to make breakfast for my girls during the weekends.

Homecooked McEgg. 
I had bought these 2 rings  for making perfecting round eggs from Daiso- just got to make sure that you greased the sides of the rings so that the cooked eggs come off easily.  The eggs sits perfectly onto the muffins.
The muffins were lightly buttered and just brown over low heat for a minute or so
Top with a piece of cheese, some cucumber and mayo and mustard.
A good imitation, I should say.

When I cooked a whole chicken normally the leftovers would be the breast part. So I reserve the chicken breast for salads or do this...

Mixed with mayo, whole grain mustard, salt and pepper and dash of lemon juice
The rest of the condiments- pickled onions (with lime juice), cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce.
I used store bought flatbreads-  layer each of the condiments on top of the bread.

After all the ingredients have been placed, top with mayo and mustard sauce

Finally roll up the wrap and voila! move over chicken foldover..we prefer big rolls!

To finish the muffins before the expiry date, decided to make Chicken burger.  Minced chicken breast seasoned with cayenne pepper, garlic powder, paprika (whatever I had on hand),  salt, pepper and diced onion. Chilled them in the fridge before frying.

Coat them with breadcrumbs and pan fry with olive oil.
Just when  I have got everything ready, split open the muffins for browning only to realise that these are not plain muffins but cinnamon and spice muffins! mong cha-cha...lah
Anyway just go ahead to finish the burgers- something new and equally delicious!
Homecooked McChicken anyone?


  1. i also like to use chicken breast to make chicken nuggets and sometime pan fry it (season with salt and pepper only) and top on the noodles soup, also another quick and yummy way..

  2. that's a great idea.thanks.