Sunday, April 29, 2012


Sarah, my baby has finally reached her 21st birthday on the 22nd April. Jeremy was unable to attend the party as he had gone back to Melbourne on 15th.  I had just came back from my Guangzhou trip with my sisters.   As my sister May was going back to Melbourne on the 21st, we decided to host Sarah's birthday party on the 20th at Shabu One at Lot 10.

Homemade invitation card by Sarah herself has been given out to my family.

As it was on a Friday night, the traffic was jammed everywhere.  We had to go over to the Jalan Imbi to pick us the birthday cake which I had ordered from the Australia Cake House. Yes, I had to order a cake for her as there was not enough time for me to bake her one.

Tonight dinner was just together with my family members.  She would be having another celebrations with her friends on her birthday.

My eldest sister with her daughter and son-in law and grandchildren.
My niece Qiqi,  nephew Kenny with his pretty wife Nicol

My sister, Jennifer, brother Yu Chuan with his son Chee Ken and wife Siew Leng.
My sister, May, brother KK and wife Serena, nephew Wai Khuen and Aunty (Serena's mother

Sarah's 21st Birthday Cake - very old school cake decorating from The Australia Cake House.
With my nephew Jason.

Together with Esther

Together with all the cousins
with all the aunties
With all the uncles


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