Tuesday, May 22, 2012


When I first set up my own house, I was given these "teapots".

Since then, my collection of teapots has grown to this.

The aluminium teapot in front was bought at a flea market for only RM5.00

Some of the teapots from this shelf had migrated to this cabinet to make way for my cooking/baking ingredients.

Yes that really half a cup!.

These are my small collection  nothing valuable but more of sentimental value .

I was therefore thoroughly awed by the vast collection of teapots in this cafe.

Yes, I am talking about the Teapot Cafe located in SS 2, Petaling Jaya.  
This cafe has been established since 1998 from a showroom on the first floor to the cafe on the ground level now.

My first visit to this cafe was not favourable as the place was crowded and the high noise levels did not conjured a good impression of  serenity and afternoon tea back then.

After my workshop on Saturday, my daughter Sarah came to pick me up. As we are in the neighbourhood of Petaling Jaya,  we decided to revisit The Teapot Cafe for lunch.

Maybe it was past lunchtime and the crowds had gone, this time we can feel the cosy ambience as we walked in. The collections of teapots belonging to the owners around the cafe shouts  this is "the place for English afternoon teas".

The affable waiter posing for a photo. The rows of teas available behind him.

We wanted to try their  Devonshire Tea- scones served clotted cream and strawberry jam but this is only available from  3.00pm onwards.
We could not wait till then, so we ordered lunch instead. They also serve western food as well as local cuisine.

Ultimate Omelette - erh- did not see how "ultimate" it was. Rather plain and taste ok.  It served with a huge dose of fries and I have to request for some tartare sauce as it was rather dry.
Fillet Milanese -  tasty morsels of fish fillet.
We also ordered the soup of the day- Mushroom soup- nice thick soup.

Wanted  to try some of their pastries but Sarah was full,  so I choose a Mini Chicken Pie- thin crusty pastry deliciously packed with fillings.
Just as we finished our lunch, they brought out the scones. The scones are also being sold in pairs besides the Devonshire Teat set.  Their cakes, pastries and scones seems to be popular as there was a constant flow of customers coming in for takeaways.
Nice to come back another time for some Devonshire Tea perhaps.

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