Thursday, May 3, 2012


Final day in Taiwan 5/4/2012

Today is our last day in Taiwan.  I am glad and happy that I have been able to complete my itinerary (with the exception of Shifen Waterfall)  and have experienced so many wonderful foods and sights.  I enjoyed the company and time that Jeremy, Sarah and my sister had given me.  This is indeed a wonderful present.

We had wanted to try the local breakfast this morning.  However, due to the late night and fatigue, we ended up having the hotel buffet breakfast again. Our flight was at 3.50 pm so we still had time to do some last minute shopping.  We have booked the hotel van which costs  NTD1500 (which is the same rate which we took from airport to the hotel) and this turned out to be a blessing- because Sarah's luggage was left behind in the van when we arrived at the airport! We quickly called back to the hotel and get them to tell the driver to detour back to the airport.  If we were taking the ordinary taxi, we can say goodbye to Sarah's bag.  So maybe this is a good tip on departure.

Sarah and Jeremy decided to go to Ximenting to try the Red Wine Mee Sua and do some last minute shopping. 

May and myself decided to visit the Grand Taipei Hotel.   This hotel is situated nearby the Jiantan MRT Station.   There is a Jiantan Park opposite the MRT station and we walked through the park- climbed a steep staircase to reach the hotel.
The hotel is very imppressive- its exterior being a classic chinese palace-style building with its majestic vermillion columns.
The hotel is celebrating its 60th years anniversary and they have put up a photography exhibition of the hotel.  This hotel had played host to many foreign dignitaries before.
Dragon sculptures abound in the grounds and in the hotel as well.  Dragons motifs are used throughout the various structures of the hotel.
The ceiling of the hotel - motifs of plum flowers and dragons and phoenix.

Inside the hotel lobby-
There are many object d'art in the hotel.  One of them - the replica of the Jade Cabbage- notice the big and small grasshoppers on the cabbage.
The Golden Dragon Pavilion - this golden dragon has only 3 claws.

There was a photograph that show the secret passage in the hotel.  Actually these are air-raids tunnels leading fro the hotel to the nearby parks.  One of the passage is equipped with a slide-just like a long slide to facilitate the disabled to escape.  

Before we left the hotel,  we decided to get some of the pastry/breads from the hotel lobby.  In the end May bought NTD$1000 worth of breads (each loaf cost $100).  Wonderful soft loaves of cranberry, walnuts, yam, chocolate etc.  

On the way we dropped by 7-Eleven shop.
 Dining inside the 7-Eleven shop.  You just purchase the food - be it sushi, instant mee or even grilled sweet potatoes and then eat them here.

Got myself a few packets of the instant mee.

Crystals exhibits inside the airport.
This says it's all.  Our flight back was uneventful except the small hitch that I mentioned earlier about Sarah's bag. 
I defnitely had a very memorable and nice trip. It has been fun travelling with you all.

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