Monday, May 7, 2012


The main purpose of my sister, May's trip to Kuala Lumpur was first to participate in the QingMing Festival and secondly to visit my Ku-cheh (aunty) in Guangzhou. In between she joined me for a trip to Taiwan.
After a week rest from the Taiwan trip we embark on our trip to Guangzhou on 15/4/2012.
Jeremy flew  back to Australia the same day while we were on our way to Guangzhou.  Yes, I hate goodbyes.

Cheap airfare comes with a price-  our flight to Guangzhou (GZ) departed from LCCT at 5.30 am.  So we were at the airport to check in our baggage around 3 a.m.  In fact we had hardly slept that night.  The airport was still busy at that hour- people were waiting or sleeping on the seats available at McDonalds or the other cafes that had closed for the day.  Others were sleeping on the floor.
The flight was right on time and the minute we boarded, we all went to sleep   

My cousin Lai Toh and her son were at the Baiyun Airport to pick us up.  They took us to check in at the Guangzhou Minghong Hotel, Xiwan.   When I had booked this hotel on line, I was not sure what to expect or its whereabouts.  This is a economy class hotel - has only 60 rooms.  The rooms here are not carpeted-it's ok  as they mop the floor everyday.  There is no wardrobe in the room, its ok, we  were expected to hang our clothes in the toilet.  There is no hairdryer provided, its ok -we have to request from the front office but  most important of all there is no coffee provided! Its not Ok as we all needed our caffeine fix every morning! There is a stale smell around the place- this is expected when around 90% of the Chinese smoke!.

However, there is one good thing about the hotel, it is very near to my Ku-cheh's house- in fact we just need to cross the road and walk about 10 minutes to reach her apartment.  They did not inform Ku-Cheh that we are coming to visit otherwise she will get very emotional everyday till we arrive. So imagine her surprise when we were at her doorstep!  She can still recall our names - what a fantastic memory!

   Finally we are on the way to the restaurant for our Dim Sum lunch.
Guangzhou popular dish- Fried water convolvulus (KangKong) thick juicy stems- yes more stems than the leaves.

Tasty Pot Stickers

Pan-fry Radish cake.
Steamed beef balls

Tender steamed pork ribs with black beans.

We had a wonderful lunch together with the rest of the cousins. Ku cheh did not partake any of the food but she kept asking us to eat more. After lunch, its time for Ku-cheh to take her afternoon nap.  We went back to our hotel and by time, I really needed a nap too.   We did some shopping along the streets around our hotel before they came to take us for dinner at the Pak Lok Restaurant.

As usual trips to Guangzhou always revolved around food!

Chance to meet the latest addition to the family- last year we were in GZ for their wedding in this same restaurant.

It is so heartening to see them together- her first great granddaughter.

This baby is so precious - so many people to love and pamper her especially her "young" grandmother!
Bring the food on.... appetizer - roasted pork, stuffed pig's intestine, taufoo and baby octopus.

Delicious Fish balls and Spinach soup--fish balls very fresh and springy "poing poing"

Braised Pig trotters with baby abalone- simply scrumptious!

Fried Squids with brocoli- nothing special until.....

you see the painstaking work to re-create a squid!

The Cantonese loves to eat these fresh prawns unadorned- these prawns are just blanched and served with a dipping sauce.
Pork ribs cooked two ways.
Baked Scallops.
Wholemeal Mantou specially ordered for Ku-cheh- its the only food that she will eat outside her home. I love these dipped with the condensed milk- so much that I came home and started to make these mantou myself.
Spring Onion Bun-very tasty and addictive!
We had a very good time eating and chatting together!


  1. I just curious how the taste of mantou with condensed milk, you said this is nice, next time i will try out, hehehe..

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes, do try it, but then its rather difficult to get the condensed milk- most of the brands here are"filled" creamer.