Sunday, January 19, 2014

YAM SENG, 건배 [乾杯] (geonbae)!

A very memorable Saturday Night

Jeremy and Eunice came back for Christmas in 2012 and informed me of their wedding plans in Australia in March 2013.  We then decided to host a Chinese wedding banquet for our families, relatives and friends in Kuala Lumpur.  Once an auspicious date was chosen we looked around for the the venue straightaway. Finally found a suitable venue - there were plenty of parking spaces and the restaurant was still new.  We paid the deposit for the dinner to be held a year later!  And finally the night had arrived...... 

Eldest and youngest sisters with Bill

These pair of siblings  will definitely be feature in all future family weddings until they grow up and overtaken by another younger generation!

Sister Yoke with son and daughter. 

See.... all in the family... the future page boy and flower girl!

Pretty maids in a row....the welcoming committee!

Time for more photos before the crowds arrive...

Little YZ  can't help stealing a peek at all the pretty ladies!

My nieces and  their children! 

Time for family photo too!

Jeremy with his friends 

Our best neighbours. 

Showing off our traditional culture -  cheongsam vs  hanbok 

As usual Chinese wedding dinner does not start until past 8 p.m. and by then most of the guests have arrived and its showtime! 
The grand entrance .... the mist and welcoming applause of the guests   

Both of Chester and Chloe are experts now - they know how to walk the talk! 

Amidst the lovely strains of music of  The Wedding Song by Angus & Julia Stone..... 
the bride and groom slowly walked down the aisle...  

Once the bride and groom were seated,  the first course of the evening dinner were presented with a flair to the rousing sounds of Gangnam-Style!   

The bride had changed into her hanbok and both of them went on stage for the cake cutting ceremony- a symbol of beautiful beginning. 

The wedding toast- may their love be overflowing and everlasting. 

Let the champagne your love overflows for each other. 

All eyes glued to  the stage... 

The couple's toast - "hup foon" wine... pledge of everlasting love. 

Finally the Yam Seng....

And more Yam Seng...

So happy that Sarah was able to come back for their wedding too

woof, woof, we are the 1982 babies!

the three Generations of Chan Family!


  1. Wow, fantastic and well organized wedding dinner.
    Congrats ....

  2. Good morning,
    Thanks for sharing our joy!