Wednesday, January 1, 2014



I had a very happy and joyous year end holiday.  Back to work today and going forward to the Chinese New Year soon.   There have been a few blogs on the Tong Yuen Festival.  This is how I celebrated this year festival with my loved ones. 
Sarah came back a week before the festival for her brother's wedding and this is my homecooked meal for her. 

Nothing beats a hot pot of rice with the waxed meats..... comfort food at its best and this could be due the delicious Chinese sausages - I used a pair of chinese sausages, a pair of duck liver sausages and a pair of the Guangdong sausages (the short fat ones).  I omitted the waxed duck this year as nobody seems to like them in my family.  Bring the rice to boil and as most of the water has been absorbed, put the sausages (sans the skin casing) on top of the rice. Switch off the heat and let the residue heat cook the rice and sausages.
To serve- I added some pieces of lard with its oil, dark soya sauce and sesame oil.  

First time cooking this- in fact it was trying to clear the fridge of the bits and pieces, which is the beancurd and tomatoes. I was surprised that this dish actually compliments the rice with its sourish and appetising sauce.

Sarah missed this dish - Steamed Minced Pork with Salted Eggs..

Some greens - baby lettuce fried with shrimp paste sauce-  I had almost forgotten about the bottle of shrimp paste sauce which my sister-in-law brought from Langkawi!.

I am very glad on the actual day of the Tong Yuen Festival last year,  I was able to celebrate it with a new additional member - my new daughter-in-law.  We had Chicken with dipping sauce; Yong Tau foo (stuffed vegetables with fish paste); Braised Mushroom with Dried Scallops and dried oysters; Prawns in Soya Sauce; Roasted Pork, a mixed vegetarian dish and Lotus Root Soup. 

 Eunice and Sarah making the tong yuen for desserts... I managed to get some of the wet glutinious flour dough from the wet market this year and it definitely tasted better than those make from the dry glutinious flour.   

A bowl of sweet tong yuen..... sweet to taste and sweeter to the soul and spirit!

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  1. Oh ya...i like to have wax meat rice. Hmm gotta buy some salted eggs....make steam mince meat