Tuesday, January 7, 2014


English Tea @ Delicious, St. Mary's Residence

"I serve" - this the motto of my school- St. Mary Secondary School.

This was a missionary school  and the earlier headmistresses were mainly from United Kingdom. The school celebrated its 100 years anniversary last year - so what a pity when the building were torn down to make way for this new block of condominiums now known as St Mary Residence. Sometimes I felt that the old heritage buildings in the country are not being well preserved and protected! There is so much history and architecture in these buildings.
My 3 sisters and me  have studied here and also one of  my nieces too!

How many footprints have I and my sisters left along these corridors. The classrooms were on the right.  We could often hear the teacher screaming next door during classes! The balcony overlooked to a large field where we had our sports annually.  Sometimes our attention did wandered as we gazed at the trees swaying lazily outside and the teacher was being boring!

The front entrance to the school with its long driveway for the teachers.

The school concerts and the weekly assemblies were held at The Assembly Hall.   I can remembered the stage plays that I had participated - Lochinvar, no not as young Lochinvar, but one of the Scottish dancers only and also Tom Sayer and Huckleberry Finn- again one of the young scoundrels! That's why my dreams of being a performer never take off...hahahah.
But what I remember most were those early morning chapel service lead by the headmistress in the hall. Quiet, peaceful and comforting- always a good way to start the day.      

Well, so much for the old school, the new school is now located in Selayang and there are more photos over there, should you be interested to know more about the school. 

My sister Vicky, a St. Marian of course.

Vicky and hubby and Sarah 

You can have either coffee or tea for the English tea set.  My cuppa of tea -Earl Grey Tea.

The tea set is for 2 persons and there are set items except the choice of the cake.   We had ordered 2 sets and choosed a Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting- cake was a bit dry.

See how big these strawberries now! -dipped with chocolate sauce.....yummilicious 
Scones, clotted cream, jam, chocolate sauce and chocolate truffles (very sweet)  

sandwiches - salmon, crabmeat and cucumber, I think.

The other cake was the Carrot cake.

Duck confit tart - delicious.

My nieces and sister-in-law came later and they ordered a cream cheese cake- very creamy.

as well as a tirumisu 

We had a very enjoyable time travelling down memory lane with our nieces. It was so relaxing to sit back and to take a breather from coming events.


  1. Last year end i dug up my old school photos too. It sure brings back a lot of memories..Too bad now it had been demolished

  2. Good morning,
    Agreed.. it is really BAD to demolished so many old buildings/heritage buildings in the pursuit of commercialisation(?). You St Marian too?