Wednesday, January 8, 2014



It seems the norm  to  invite family member/friends for a last bachelor's night before you are being "tie down".  Normally for the buddhist, there would be prayers and the "hair-combing" rites for the bride/bridegroom- ie where the parents would offer blessings for the bride/groom. First comb for a long lasting relationship from beginning to end; second comb till eyebrows and hair grow white; third comb for new generations to come. After that the bride/groom could eat a bowl of the Tong Yuan (glutinous rice dumplings) for a sweet life together.  My late mother used to say that unless the bride/groom goes through this rites, they will still be a "child" (not an adult) in the eyes of the gods!. 

However instead of having a buffet at home (too messy and too lazy for cleaning up later), we went for a Japanese buffet dinner at the Sunway Legend Hotel.        

Thought I could show the night view of the city's skyline to my "chan-kar"  ie Eunice parents.   I especially liked the view of KLCC from the Gen @ 10 Japanese restaurant at the Sunway Legend Hotel.   But this time due to the huge number of us, we were given a room by ourselves. It has it's advantages (more privacy) and disadvantages (got to get up and down from the seat to get our food!). 

So we were seated tatami style... a bit difficult for my poor knees getting up and down for food and as you can imagine how many times, I have to do that! D:

The buffet spread was good here... fresh sashimi, numerous types of sushi, teppanyaki, shabu-shabu..well you name it.  Service was efficient too and the staff friendly. 

Happy Birthday Esther 

We always tend to forget Esther's birthday which falls on the 27/12 because of Christmas celebrations. This time Sarah took the initiative and bought her these cakes (all the cakes for the forgotten birthdays!) and lead us to sing the birthday song for her!

Cannot see much of the city view from the room!

One Happy photo before the night ended.

At last satiated we made our way home because tomorrow is THE BIG DAY.


  1. Waiting to see pictures of the big day...

  2. Good morning Sharon,
    thanks.... coming soon.... meanwhile you can check out some of the photos which I shared on my facebook- done by the professional photographer.