Tuesday, January 14, 2014



Bridal bouquet - bought this from Tiom Bridal and also the ribbons/decoration  for the bridal car too.

A fruit basket to take to the bride's house...

Time to get dress.... long long time ago it was nappies that I put on him! 

Let's get this perfect....

As a mother-in-law, the "law" says I am not allow to go with him to fetch the bride.  So these  photos were taken by Esther over at the hotel where the bride was staying with her parents.   Jeremy was very adamant that there be no teasing/playing him.      But in the end the girls did made him sing a love song to Eunice before they allowed him into the bride's room!.  

Photos -taken with Esther's mobile

Cousins reunited- one more time!

The blaring sounds of the car horns announced the arrival of the bridal car.

Quickly Chester was appointed to open the car door.

Walking into the Chen family.... happy smiles all around.

Getting ready for that special cup of tea!

This is the best photo that I can find  showing them offering tea to Eunice's parents.  I realised in fact most of the photos taken for the tea-ceremony shows the back of those seated! So sorry folks if you don't see your photos here.

Its not all receiving only, but it is also more blessed to give... now its their turn to accept tea from the younger ones. 

Since I was not able to take photos as I was busy,  you can view more photos at  www.facebook.com/maxtography or at http://maxtography.com