Monday, January 6, 2014

환영합니다 (hwangyong-hamnida)


Eunice's parents flew in from Korea on the 26/12/2013 for the wedding. This was their first visit to Malaysia and they had enjoyed the holiday.  As both of them could not converse in other languages we had to rely on Eunice as our translator.

We had a welcome dinner at the Cheers Palace.

With Eunice's parents 

The restaurant is already featuring the Chinese New Year Menu. So we ordered a Salmon and Pear Yee Seng as the appetiser.  

Salmon and Pear Yee Seng to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year and for blessing of abundance for the coming year.

I did not take photos of the rest of the foods that we ordered, among of which were Peking Duck -cooked 3 ways - the crispy skin served with thin crepes; the duck meat cooked with Noddles and the bones boiled with preserved mustard (kiam chye) and taufoo for a delicious soup (good for reducing the "heatiness" of the body); Kailan cooked 2 ways - the leaves of kale was deep fried till crispy (but it did tasted slightly bitter) while the stems were blanched; Steamed Pak So Kon (fish) and their speciality Pork Ribs- so tender and moist.  
I also ordered the local dish of  4 "heavenly kings" - long beans, petai (stinky beans); brinjals and angle beans cooked in belachan  sauce.   Eunice's parents enjoyed this spicy dish except the stinky beans!

I am truly amaze and surprise by the gifts/presents that they bought along with them.  A basket full of these rice crackers and cookies.  The basket was beautifully wrapped with a pink silky cloth.

Her homemade kimchi- the big packet is full of cabbage kimchi while the smaller packet is radish kimchi
Can's wait to taste them -

Her homemade fig jam-- ... this is reallllly very very delicious- not too sweet and plus a hugh bottle of home-brew wine from a relative. 

a whole box full of packets of korean seaweed lavers for snacking- yummy.

It seems that this is a traditional gift to give for a daughter's wedding- a set of quilted bed sheets set!.
It had me wondering - her luggage must be overweight!

Finally it was so thoughtful of her to bring along  a present for each of my siblings - a whole box - all immaculately wrapped! It is Korean ginseng treats.

Thank you very much - Gamsahamnida!


  1. The rice crackers and cookies is so tempting...

  2. Good morning Sharon,
    They are very tasty... good for snacking in front of TV