Thursday, January 23, 2014



Managed to capture these images last weekend and ready to get into  the festive mood to welcome Chinese New Year!

Chinese dance at Amcorp Mall

Not to be miss - strolling along Petaling street (Chinatown) to catch the festive spirit 

Every year, without fail and what is CNY without them..... huh, I mean the waxed meats:D!

So what have I baked for CNY?

Nam Yue (fermented beancurd)  biscuits (before baking)

Crispy Name yue biscuits.... promoting now for next CNY.... anyone interested?

Crunchy Almond biscuits.... both equally crunchy... one was baked longer 
(sorry lah I almost forgotten about it in the oven hahhah)

And of course, my Mamakaries ....thank you everyone for your orders! 

The glorious weather (I know its a bit chilly now)  welcomes spring and the results are these beauties- 
I say  "Fah Hoi Foo Kwai". (Flowering blossoms brings wealth)

My sister Vicky replied : "Foo Kwai Weng Wah" (Wealth brings acknowledgement of success)

The solitary "Cock Comb" plant- just sprouted  from the ground - strong willpower to survive!  

The 22 years old Jasmine plant -  

All these bouganvilleas have been with me through the bad and good all these years, but every CNY without fail they would display their glorious colours!

Not forgetting this Camelia - a souvenir from our trip to Penang... remember Vicky?

All the babies from the Mother Jasmine....

Enjoy your weekend and Be Happy! "Sin Lian Lai" -CNY coming! 

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