Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Here's my version of Korean Mandu.

I tried folding these mandu (Korean dumplings) but they looked more like ingots.
I used the thicker Japanese wrap instead of using the normal wanton wraps and they can definitely withstand a lot of rough handling from me.

The filling: minced pork, shredded cabbage; diced prawns, minced garlic and ginger juice, salt,  pepper and dash of sesame oil.
Put them into boiling water till they are cooked (they will float to the top).

These dumplings are served with chicken broth with more cabbage- a perfect one-pot lunch on  the weekend.

Recently we went for BBQ pork at the Gung  Korean Restaurant in Ampang area.

The menu was also pasted on to the divider screen.   The decor and furniture here are quite dated and very minimalist. Alright, although we are only  here eat,  at least to me, the furniture and the ambience of the restaurant is a contributing factor to the enjoyment of food.  

There is no cooker hood over these BBQ fire and at the end of the meal,  we found the smell of cooking clinging onto our  clothing and hair too! Not too pleasant if you are going out on a date, I think :D!

Service was very fast- infact too fast.   I arrived early with Sarah and we have told the staff that we are waiting for 2 more person after ordering the food. However, the food was almost immediately brought out. So could the food have been cooked and  ready?
I think so, as we found that the Bibimbap was not as hot and I can even touched the stone bowl with my hands!  Likewise the Kimchi jiggae- though it was tasty, it was not hot as a soup/stew should be.

The pork belly, marinated beef and spicy pork-for the BBQ.

 The variety of banchan.
The staff proceeded to cook/BBQ the meat for us.  The meat is tender and the marinated and spicy pork both especially delicious. 
The banchan and green tea are refillable.

There are plenty of choices to sample authentic Korean meals around this area ere- people have nickname this area as "Little Korean Village". Besides restaurants, there are also one or two supermarkets specially selling all sorts of Korean products.