Monday, May 6, 2013


The cracking sounds are more pronounced as I go up and down the stairs.  The pain has been getting worse lately.    Oh, I am talking about the pain in both my knees.

It is funny that I  started to experience the pain only  when I "officially" retired from teaching my aerobics classes.  I can safely say that due to all these classes during those times,  my medicial leave for years are practically nil except for one or two lazy days- yes, I was that healthy!    

However, I must stress that  the pain is not solely caused by these aerobics classes alone. It is the wear and tear due to aging as well.

Front view of both knees
       Note: the knee cap touching the femur and both the femur and tibia also touching each other

Now to endure this pain daily is not going to be my cup of tea.  So I finally got fed up of the pain and went for the injection of the synovial fluid into these knees.

My appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon was pleasant as he carefully explained to me what was to be done and what is not necessary. He did stressed that this procedure is only temporary -maybe can last a year or less.    

The X-ray department at this X hospital has been improved as the notice says patients were be attended to in not more than 20 minutes- otherwise I had waited for more than an hour before!

I arrange for a date to have the injection and on that particular morning, I was at the hospital before 9.00 am.   The nurse admitted me for the day and I was taken up the ward by 10.30 am.  and told to wait till my name was called.   

At around 11 am, the nurse informed me to get ready for the Operation Theatre where the injection will take place.   I was asked to strip down  and put on the gown before they wheeled me down (yes in a wheelchair) to the OT. Yet I still felt naked even though I had the gown on and it was a funny and uncomfortable feeling to sit in that wheelchair in that hospital gown only and submit myself to the stares of the people passing by. Here I am - able bodied and healthy patient! sign.....and shy to show my face.....  

Anyway, more waiting inside the OT as the surgeon had to see a few patients in his clinic.  Thank God my sister Yoke Mae was  there to talk to me and give me mental support!  It was scary sitting there, seeing patients being wheeled in for their operation. The fear, worry  and anxiety was apparent in their faces and in mine as well, I think.

Finally rolled into the OT at 12.30 pm and by the time the injections were given, it was 12.45pm. Yes just for the mere 15 minutes, the waiting time was more than half day already.

Back to the ward, I felt the sudden relief flowing through my body and the tightening in my stomach ebbed away and I felt drowsy and lied down and slept.   Got awaken by the canteen staff distributing the lunch meal- nothing much to shout about- porridge (maybe chicken) served with a bowl of stir fried cucumber and carrot.  Huh?! just could not finished it though I was feeling a bit hungry then.  Anyway dropped back to sleep again.

Woke up around 2.30 and changed back into my own clothing. Checked with the counter staff that I can only be discharged around 3.00pm. It is obligatory that to make an insurance claim, one must stay at least 6 hours in a hospital.  I was also told that to get the clearance from the insurance company would take around another 2-3 hours. I cannot understand the logic when before we checked into the hospital, the hospital had already got the approval, so why do we still have to wait and wait....

Surely in this IT generation, a simple discharge procedure could be speed up more conveniently for the patients. Imagine a patient with more serious illness waiting for 2-3 hours to get discharge.

Well, it has been 6 days now since the injection and how do I feel?  

For the first 2 days, I tried not stress my knees even though the pain is almost gone, talk about miracles! 
But being at home it is inevitable for me to go up and down the stairs. My doggies must have wondered why I did not walked them even though I was at home.  I managed to catch up the TVB dramas and all I did was sit and eat.  

I still pray for that miracle that all pain be gone forever!