Monday, May 20, 2013


After much fanfare and good press reviews, The Great Gatsby opened in the cinemas on Sunday.

I could not have missed this show for anything- pictures of those gorgeous jewelleries and fashion were enough to make me want to see the movie, not forgetting the stellar cast as well.

Frankly I have not read this literature book.  Normally I either don't want to see the movie tied in if I have   read the storybook and vice versa I will not read the book if I have seen the movie. 
So far there is other movie that I seen without reading the story book was the Les Miserables that I went with Sarah and which I had enjoyed very much. 
This time strangely, I watched this movie with a group of strangers (10 of us meeting for the first time) and yet not so strangers as we have so this common interest - The Paperback Book Club!  

The  fountains outside the shopping mall.

Much photographed mascot of Harrods  

So the arrangement was that we gathered at Cafe Vienna, Level 3 of KLCC for pre-Gatsby Drinks- how very gatsby-like was that except we were not dressed as such :D!!
We each ordered our own drinks and chatted about the movie, the book and getting to know each other before adjourning to the cinema for the show.

I enjoyed the show immensely.  The reviews had said it all and I was not dissappointed at all. 

After the show, I met up with Sarah and both of us decided to go down for dinner at LOKL Coffee in Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, not knowing that they are closed on Sunday.   We then crossed over to  the Reggae Mansion Hotel instead.

They served set lunch too-  only RM14.90.

The bar at the ground floor and there is also a rooftop bar which caters only for the house guests only.

Their menu is not extensive and they offer simple western-style food. Decor is simple black and white tables and chairs. There is a alfresco courtyard in the centre of the hotel.

 Oriental Chicken Chop.
The carrot was a bit hard and one piece literally flew off the plate as I tried to fork it! The chicken portion was rather small (or was I that hungry?) but the sauce was delicious.
Sarah ordered a thin-crust Fantasy Island Pizza.  We loved the thin crispy crust and the topping was equally yummy - cheesy and generous with the prawns as well. 
The prices are average and there is no service charges. As the place is near my office, I will definitely check out their set lunch some time later.
We took the LRT back to the station where we have parked the car before heading home to the doggies who were patiently waiting for their dinner!

Thus ended a happy weekend outing.


  1. Replies
    1. Good morning,
      Pizza was good and so was the Great Gatsby, seen it yet?

  2. I have been to Harrods, KLCC once for a high tea event. Kind of enjoy the pastries there.

    1. Good morning,
      The pastries does look very tempting so was the prices too, hahaha!
      Glad you enjoy their high tea.

  3. Hope to visit there one day. Thanks for dropping by my old blog.